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23-05-2005, 05:32
I posted this in the general strategy at first, but it might fit better here ^_^

Class: Elementalist / Mesmer

Energy Storage: 10 (75 energy with my equips)
Water Magic: 12+2 (Major rune of Water magic)
Inspiration Magic: 10

Total Attribute Points: 199/200

1. Water Trident (61 damage)
Description: Send out a water trident at target foe. Water Trident strikes
for 5-53 cold damage if it hits. If it hits a moving foe, that foe is knocked
down. This is an elite skill.
Energy Cost:5
Activation Time:1 Second.
Recharge Time:3 Seconds.

2. Ice Spikes (76 damage)
Description:Target and nearby foes are struck for 20-68 cold damage and are
slowed for 2-5 seconds.
Energy Cost:15
Activation Time:2 Seconds.
Recharge Time:15 Seconds.

3. Maelstrom (24 damage/second)
Description:Create a maelstrom at target foe's location. For 10 seconds, foes
in that area are struck for 10-22 cold damage each second. Maelstrom
interrupts spell-casting when it hits. This spell causes exhaustion.
Energy Cost:25
Activation Time:4 Seconds.
Recharge Time:30 Seconds.

4. Arcane Echo
Description:If you cast a spell in the next 10-26 seconds, Arcane Echo is
replaced with that spell for 20 seconds. Arcane Echo ends prematurely if you
use a non-spell skill.
Energy Cost:15
Activation Time:2 Seconds.
Recharge Time:30 Seconds.

5. Blurred Vision
Description:For 8-18 seconds, target foe and nearby foes are hexed with
Blurred Vision. While hexed, those foes have a 50% chance to miss with
Energy Cost:15
Activation Time:1 Second.
Recharge Time:20 Seconds.

6. Spirit of Failure
Description:For 30 seconds, target foe has a 25% chance to miss with
attacks. You gain 1-4 energy whenever that foe misses in combat.
Energy Cost:10
Activation Time:3 Seconds.
Recharge Time:10 Seconds.

7. Armor of Frost
Description:For 10-29 seconds, you gain +40 armor against physical damage,
but -24 armor against fire damage. Armor of Frost ends if you use any Fire
Energy Cost:5
Activation Time:1 Second.
Recharge Time:45 Seconds.

8. Conjure Frost
Description: Lose all enchantments. For 60 seconds, if you're wielding a cold
weapon, your attacks strike for an additional 1-13 cold damage.
Energy Cost:10
Activation Time:1 Second.
Recharge Time:60 Seconds.
__________________________________________________ _______________

So... I dunno if I want this build for PvP or PvE, its just general I think.

Imo the Blurred Vision/Spirit of Failure combo is great for getting more energy.
if you start of with a blurred vision, then directly a spirit of failure, and then
another after 10 sec. 2 enemies will miss 75% of the time and give me 4
Not only is this good for my damage dealing spells, its also really sucky for the
two that cant hit anything.

When I enter the battle I start of with Conjure frost. Use blurred vision and
spirit of failure on 1, then use 1 mealstorm, archane echo, mealstorm then
another spirit of failure. After this my energy will most likely be down at around
0, but I will get in average 3 energy per second + regen for another 20 seconds.

So, how does this all sound?

25-06-2005, 09:50
Not alot of Hydromancers in PvE :( It sounds good, although I'm not too keen on what is good and whats not yet. But thanks alot, I have a Hydro/Inspiration as my main.

25-06-2005, 11:37
You could consider taking armour of mist instead of armour of frost....

Armor of Mist (Enchantment)
For 20 seconds, you gain +38 armor and move 33% faster.
Casting cost: 10 energy
Casting time: 2 sec
Recharge time: 30 sec
Relevant attribute: Water Magic

Armor of Frost (Enchantment)
For 32 seconds, you gain +40 armor against physical damage, but -24 armor against fire damage. Armor of Frost ends if you use any Fire Magic.
Casting cost: 5 energy
Casting time: 1 sec
Recharge time: 45 sec

(stats for 12+2 skill in water magic)

In my opinion, armour of frost has several big drawbacks, such as the restriction to physical defense and the vulnerability to fire. Its main advantage is that its AL increase is independent of one's skill, so is very good for mages with little skill in water magic.

At your level of skill, however, Armour of Mist provides its defence against all attack types and also gives you a speed increase. It costs 5 more energy and takes 1 second longer to cast, but I think that's worthwhile in this case.

25-06-2005, 16:18
Looks like a decent build. You definitly seem focused on being a damage dealer, and one that has a lot of staying power. Damage isnt' usually a hydromancer's area of expertise, so I'm not sure how effective it would be, but let us know.

Also, i believe you're mistaken about the miss chance I don't believe that Spirit of Failure and Blurred Vision will stack, but instead overlap. This would result in a total miss chance of 62.5%, according to my calculations.

25-06-2005, 20:35
I like your way of energy management (even if it's 62,5% chance of missing). As you said it has 2 sides (annoying your foes and and getting profit from it yourself). I think the profit will be quite high.

Instead of Conjure Frost, take Water Attunement. Don't echo Maelstrom because it gives you 2 exhaustions right after each other, but echo Water Trident instead. You can do 122 damage in 2 seconds for 6 energy in this case. Hex a foe first with blurred vision and spirit of failure, cast water attunement, drop a maelstrom and an ice spikes first, and then start spamming. You can do a lot of damage (and do some knockdowns) in this way without getting ''dry''. If you want a higher spike damage (in pvp e.g.) take ice spear instead of ice spikes.

As menetioned earlier you could consider taking armour of mist instead of armour of frost. It may last shorter and cost more energy, but its recast is shorter and it gives you more armour against any source of damage instead of only against physical damage. Also, it doesn't drop your amour against fire damage and it also gives you a 33% speed boost. IMO armour of mist is better.

I think this could work really well. I haven't seen a lot of hydromancer builds yet, so it's quite interesting to see one. :)

25-06-2005, 23:29
Echoing maelstrom shouldn't actually be that big a problem IMO (in PvE at least), as the character's energy will be around 75, and a loss of 20 from that won't be catastrophic. Also, by the time the spell has recharged (30 secs), 10 exhaustion will have worn off leaving 65 energy free. So as long as the trick of casting arcane echo on maelstrom isn't overused, it should be OK.

Using arcane echo on water trident is an excellent tactic too.

Elementalists tend to be casting spells more than they're attacking with a regular weapon, so I don't see conjure frost as being that great either...especially as it cancels all other enchantments on one when cast

Depending on the situation, you could also (if you know you'll be facing interrupters) take Mantra of Concentration, though perhaps more for PvP areas.