View Full Version : W/N or W/R (pro's, con's)

23-05-2005, 06:14
I basically would like to know which of these builds would be more effective in pvp.

IMO W/N is slightly better in pve, if you have a party with you, because parties love the necro's life sucking stuff which benefits the whole team. While W/R i'd put my points into wilderness survival and giv'r on the apply poison/troll unguent which helps alot on soloing and I know from experience...

But for pvp I don't know so much for W/N becaues your party gets split up to easily and its a tough thing to not split up when your getting attacked from all ends, but with W/R (I'm using axe), the skills can be used effectivly against an individual enemy/mob.

So i'd just like to know from the opinions of you who've tried out these two different builds. :happy34:

23-05-2005, 23:25
w/r with apply poison and cyclone axe would be fun =)

23-05-2005, 23:45
I actually prefer R/W over W/R as you get the expertise dodges and also warrior mana attacks require less mana (meaning you can make a melee character not reliant on adrenaline). You also get 30 all resistance and only lose out on 10 physical defence...
A W/N is better for healing themselves when low on life (drain skills) and dealing unresistable damage such shadow. Along with the party beneficial skills.
A R/W (or W/R) is good for tanking, has a nice amount of drain for a long period of time (poison+bleed anyone?).
I'd think of alot more points for each and maybe an example build BUT the kettles just boiled and i'm dying for a cup of tea :rolleyes: :lol: