View Full Version : Length of health sacrifice?

Cyric Soulbane
23-05-2005, 19:19
I've never considered using the health sacrificing skills, so I'm unsure how they work. Is it a set amount of time that your max health is reduced, is it for the length of the skill you're using, or is it until you die/zone?

Thanks in advance,

23-05-2005, 19:34
Max health. So say you're max health is 480. Order of Blood has a cost of 10% max health, so 48. Even if you are at 50 life out of 480, it is max, so you will always lose 48. This can vary however - suffering from a deep wound would be less percentage wise while your max health is lower.

It is not like exhaustion. You just lose the life, and can gain it back with healing instantly if a monk is by you. A popular combo is Order of Blood on a Mo/N for a quick energy boost, then Healing Touch to heal the damage. You cast the spell, you lose the life, and its up to you/your party to get the life back - as it always is. Loss of life is no different in that regard than being hit by a hammer and losing life.

Cyric Soulbane
23-05-2005, 19:49
Awesome, thanks for the reply. I was going over skills planning out how to spec for PvP, but of course I'm at work and can't test things out. :P

The Catfish
23-05-2005, 23:21
Yeah, the way sacrificing is worded is kind of confusing. A 10% max health sacrifice means that you take damage equal to (YourMaxHealth *.10). The only caveat is that if a sacrifice would reduce your health to 0, it leaves you with 1 hp instead.

You have 400/480 hp, you cast a spell that sacrifices 10% max health. 10% of 480 is 48, so you take 48 damage and your hp is now 352/480.

You have 30/480 hp, you sac 10% max health. You should take 48 damage, but since that would kill you it leaves you with 1/480 hp.

Hope that helps.