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Neandro Thal
23-05-2005, 20:47
As a warrior/necro energy is always in short supply. Just upgraded to the Gladiator 80 armor which gives +8 energy and using a +16 shield.

My question is: Would it have been better to use different armor for a higher armor class and use a cresta with like +11 energy instead of shield??


23-05-2005, 21:15
You must have the requisites for the defense on the shield to have any effect otherwise only the mods on the shield will work. I am not sure how a shield is calculated into the defense so I can't give you straight answer on which will get you higher defense, but I am guessing you will get higher defense using a shield. It is not as if the gladiators armour set is lacking defense though. Using the dragons or platemail armour set would only get you 5 more defense for a hit, and 5 less if that hit was physical damage. If you are having energy problems you would use both gladiators set and some type of symbol for the energy.

23-05-2005, 22:01
I would suggest that you get a higher AF chest piece since that is generally where you get hit the most. As for the focus vs shield. You can use the weapons sets to use a focus at the start of the battle and switch to shield when you move to melee. I read in a post that shields add their AF to whatever area your getting hit in so say your shield is 16 and you have 80 af armor you then get a total of 96 af. I am not sure if this is even true but this is how it was explained to me.

Neandro Thal
23-05-2005, 23:26
Thanks for the replies. In most other games the "AC" is usually a big glowing number somewhere, but in GW not only is it not displayed, no one can tell how to even calculate it lol. I think the whole AC thing could be made a little more user freindly.

24-05-2005, 10:43
I`ve posted about this before, so I will quote myself. :happy05: Topic was diferent, but you will find your answer here.

Allright... Lot of people dont get this. Acording to some posts on this and other forums, this is the way reduction works. When monster is trying to hit you, he aims certan part of your body. So, biggest chance is that he will hit your chest. If you have dammage reduction on your hauberk, damage will be reduced. If he hits your arm and you dont have gloves with reduction, damage will not be reduced. So, set is not cumulative, but I still think reduction set is good One more thing, same goes with armour class. If monster aims for your legs, and you have good armour on you, but you are bare footed, it will probably hit you.
Shield AC and bonuses are added to any armour part monster is aming.
And keep your helm`s AC high to avoid head hits (critical hits)

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