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24-05-2005, 02:17
hey guys, im new here , jus wondering if u would give me some tips on how to make a crazy necro , i was thinkin bout makign a necro + ranger , but some ppl say its not really good , well for my necro id like to stick wit blood and death magic , but uno wat second profession should i go wit , n e suggestions? :happy14:

Zee Slick
24-05-2005, 03:25
Well my setup for PvE is extremely fun, I run Blood Necro/ Illusion Mes


Illusion Magic 6
Blood Magic 15
Soul Reaping 10

Vamp Touch
Vamp Gaze
Life Transfer
Life Siphon
Well of Blood
Arcane Canumdrum
Conjur Phantasism
Resurection Signet

I think its fun as hell at level 20, i can tank to a certain extent and people love the nice regen of my blood well...i suggest if you wanna go for fun do N/Me

24-05-2005, 19:04
My primary PvE character is a Necro/Ranger, and I'm having a really good time with it. I mainly use the Necro blood magic skills, but the ranger subclass is nice for the pet and the troll ungent skill. I usually use the henchmen for some support on the missions, but Lionel (my wolf) and I can solo pretty easily unless I'm stupid enought to aggro a load of charr all at once or something.

My basic solo style is: attack one monster from afar, so that Lionel starts attacking it (Monster concentrates on Lionel, who stands up pretty well). Use Life Siphon, Shadow Strike, and Vampiric Gaze to destory the monster. Move on to next monster. Depending on how many enemies are attacking me at once, I may do Life Siphon on several in quick succession. That has the dual benefit of reducing their health while shooting my health regen through the roof. I mainly try to attack from a distance (Thanks, Lionel), but I can get mobbed for a while without too much danger, because of the life siphon.

If that style sounds good to you, you might like the necro/ranger combo. If not, you may want to consider some other options. One problem I've encountered, though, is energy. It's not unusual for me to run low in long fights. If I didn't want the Pet (Lionel's my buddy!) I probably would have done Elementalist/necromancer for the energy storage.

In Short:Necro/Ranger = Good Pet, Not so good energy.

Zee Slick
25-05-2005, 00:07
not a good amt of energy really? your a necro primary! they have a good shar of e, around 47 around level 20, not including you should be using soul reaping

Blood Magic
Soul Reaping
Wilderness Survival / Beast Master

put around 5 into SR and Bld M

25-05-2005, 00:51
lol thx guys , i decided to try necro/mesmer and see how it goes :winking47 thx for tips btw :howdy: