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24-05-2005, 13:21
I've never written a build guide before, so I'll start this off pretty basic.

My class is a Tactics based warrior that uses 4 warrior skills and 4 monk skills.

My attributes are:
Healing 0
Protection 0
Divine 0
Strength "10"
Axe Mastery "10"
Sword 0
Hammer 0
Tactics "16"

Based on how you want to play. I suggest looking at your skill list and the tactics window. Alot of the skills are "seconds" based. Both 15 and 16 points are "11" seconds on most skills.

Bonetti's Defense
Gladiator's Defense <-- the elite
Axe Swing _or_ Thrill of Victory _or_Disrupting Chop
Healing Signet
Remove Hex
Purge Conditions
Blathazar's Spirit
Vengence, Ressurect or Res Signet.

Tactian's Helm +1
Knight's armor.
Axe and sheild with these possible attributes: HP on enchant( always keep blathazar up), +HP, +defense vs elements(REALLY helpful).

Just don't use any items that are for axe conditions, like deep bleed, crippling..weakness.. You won't be using those.

Runes: Superior Tactics(Major is pretty swell too, but if you are going to -50 for the +2, might as well take away 25 more for another +1)
Major Vigor( Superior if you can get it )
Minor Strength
Minor Axe
Major Absorbtion or Superior to be PUT ON HELM(this will allow a nice spread of aborb, through your armor.)

As you can see, there's an awfully lot of monk skills on my bar for not having a single point in monk attributes, but if you look at the requirements for the skills.... Not a single one of them requires ANY attributes. *Gasp*. Which means you can use all of your points on warrior skills.

Strategies and WHYS?:

Elite: I use Gladiator's defense since this class is mainly built around dodging. In PvE, i often switch to Charge, depending on what type of quest/mission we are doing and if i am in the main tank or not.

Why Axe? With this build, you wont have a good mana regen unless you are being attacked. When you are attacked, First use Glad defense and 2-3 Axe chops, by this time... no mana :(

So, to get our mana back, we wait for Gladiator's defense to pass, then switch to Bonetti's defense, which we should have enough adrenaline for since Blathazar's spirit gives +1 adrenaline when attacked. Once you activate Bonetti's defense, you'll begin recieving 5 energy for each time you are attacked, BUT you cannot use that mana until bonetti's defense is over.

Healing signet? SUICIDE? Nope, With Gladiator's defense and Bonetti's the ONLY time you shouldn't use Healing signet is if someone is casting magic at you.

Remove Hex? Purge Conditions? There are basicly 3 things that can hurt you with this build: Hexs, Conditions, and Elemental damage. So, we carry what we can... We remove the hexes, and purge the conditions... But be careful, Purde Conditions has a 30 second recharge, so don't use it if you are being poisoned by arrows.. cause it will be in vain.

So with that said... Your only real struggle from others will end up being from the casters and tons of conditions being hit on you.

(as i said i've never written something like this before, so plz crit/comment)

24-05-2005, 14:03
Do you want to pvp with that?

24-05-2005, 19:07
I pvp with it all the time. Your ressurection choice really comes into play in pvp, because you won't be falling for a very long time if you play it correctly.

Warriors often rape themselves down to about 1/6 health until they notice they are doing damage to themselves.