View Full Version : E/Mo... should I dump everything into fire/energy only? :/

Lust Faeriefire
24-05-2005, 14:14
Hey guys, I'm a E/Mo and I was told by several lvl 19-20 friends I have playing with me to stick to pure Fire and energy storage. Is this a horrible idea/decent idea/good idea? Any help is appreciated :)

Emerald Fire
24-05-2005, 14:23
I think it depends on your mana restore capabilities and how powerful you can be. I had a R/Mo, and I was useless as a healer with only 25 mana and extremely slow recharge times. If they have been playing for a while and you can be fairly sure you trust their advice, I'd say follow it for a while and if it works out, great.. if not go back to your old setup and see what works better for you.

24-05-2005, 15:42
I've found Healing Breeze to be a nice edition to my E/mo skillset.

24-05-2005, 17:07
Im a E/Mo, tried E/Me and did'nt really like it so I switched after ascending.

Current Build @ 20

11 Fire +2
10 Energy +1
10 Healing Prayers

Skills I use
Conjure Flame
Glyph of Energy or Glyph of Sacrifice
Meteor Storm
Heal Pary
Healing Breeze

I find this build to be very PvM Friendly, and very Monk support friendly when it comes to teaming in those impossible to do missions with 7 henchmens.

24-05-2005, 18:33
Two thoughts:

1. you're not limited to 2 attributes - you can go with 3 or four, without maxing them. So instead of maxing fire and energy (12) you could add another school (I like water for instance) or a secondary attribute at a lower score (7-9). Healing prayers comes to mind - however you won't be as effective as a monk in parties and far beyond Alesia/mhenlo in henchie PvE. I found the most useful skills from my monkish side to be resurecting ones.

2. you have and you will get tons of refund points - go and experiment. I've tested many alternate builds just for the fun of it.


Parker Bsb
24-05-2005, 19:18
Ok my .02$
first off you get refund points... play around until you find what you like.

I for one have 3 setups. My "I'm the only xxx/mo or mo/xxx in the party" setup, my PvP setup, and my "questing with a balanced party" setup.

Realistically, I tend to run out of mana so I have fire/energy storage up pretty high and healing around 6 IIRC.
Healing breeze (as stated earlier) is a great spell to use on anyone. There is also a spell (for 30 seconds whenever that person attacks or casts a spell they gain X life) forget the name of it.
They are both pretty sweet spells, and alot of warriors and monks will be happy you are helping keep everyone alive.
Also switch to Light if you want to kill things fast (when you start getting enough good lit spells)

Satan Minion
24-05-2005, 20:21
If you're all PvM go fire. Plain and simple. If you're PvP and want to kill actually go Air. But the spread on skill points is really your choice...I have my E/Mo as:

12Air +3 +1
10ES +1

Lust Faeriefire
24-05-2005, 23:54
Ah, hey thanks guys! So I'll just play around when I get high enough level with different builds. That's pretty cool how we get to try new things without having to make a whole new character :)

Sieg Hawk
25-05-2005, 09:05
I am an E/MO using air magic:

air 14
energy 10
healing 10

i found air a lot better than fire, since i wear pyromancer robes and fire dont work well in the ring of fire missions....

25-05-2005, 10:10
Don't get too stuck on any one element until you've made it through most of the PvE story. I did that at first, and it proved to be kind of silly with the way refund points work. I'd advise picking the element that is strong against the mobs you're facing currently, then change it as you progress.

I, too, was worried about my E/Mo build at first, since monk spells in general seemed so useless. However, I found that once my character reached the higher levels 17+ I had enough attribute points to keep one element maxed, while having enough left over points to keep energy storage respectable, as well as boosting up a monk skill, such as healing prayers, to the point of being useful.

Currently I'm having good luck as a backup and emergency healer using Infuse Health, and Heal Area. Because my elementalist rarely takes damage in PvE, I'm usually at full health most of the time, and can get a 250-280 point heal off with Infuse Health. Higher morale boost your health, which also in turn boosts the amount healed, which is very nice. Meanwhile, Heal Area is actually the best self-heal I've found in the monk line so far. Its quick cast, has a high healing to attribute ratio and recycles fast all for 10 energy. The fact that it can also heal nearby allies (and enemies), and doesn't require you to target yourself, is a nice bonus.

Fire has an advantage in PvE with it's area effect damage over time spells, but that isn't enough to make it clearly superior to any other element. In my experience all elements can hold their own in both PvE and PvE. This doesn't always seem to be the case however due to the rate at which you aqquire skills for the different elements. For example, most of the good fire spells are found early on, which is one of the reasons I think people assume its the best, while water is about the exact opposite. Possibly due it its spam-spell, Water-Trident, being an elite and hard to come by.

Energy storage, unfortunately, doesn't seem quite so great. I personally can't see taking it past attribute level 8. I would rather those extra points go into a secondary class skil.

The Divine One
26-05-2005, 00:49
I'm an E/Mo as well, level 20. I don't have the extra attributes yet, but I know where you're coming from. I've actually thought about dumping my Monk skills and attribute points so I can dedicate myself more fully towards dishing out some serious damage.

The only thing that kept me from doing that so far is that I find the primary monk that follows along during a quest/mission is usually swamped with other team members to heal in which case, they could use my healing backup.

The other drawback of taking away our monk skills is that people automatically see our "E/Mo"... see that we're half monk, then sort of "forget" about healing us assuming that we can self heal.

I'm still thinking. : )