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24-05-2005, 18:21
Hey guys,

I recently installed GW on my weaklet computer. It installed fine, but now crashes about 10 seconds after I create a game. Can you help me figure out why?

During install, it told me my video card was not on the supported list (radeon 7000) but when I clicked to their site it said it would work. Because this comp is fairly weak (athlon 1800, 512 ram) I put the video settings on the lowest setting and ran the game. Each time, I can get thru the char create and whatnot fine, but when I load a game it runs for a few seconds and then my computer reboots.

Ideas? Thanks in advance,


24-05-2005, 18:51
This should be posted in (/moved to) the Tech forum:


there are a fair few threads there ("game crashes every 5mins") that might help.