View Full Version : W/ and what? R/Mo/Ne?

24-05-2005, 22:10
Hi, I've read these forums upo the last page, trying to find out what I want as my second profession.

I've been told to do the W/Mo combo, as it is apparently really good. BUT it seems almost every warrior takes monk as a second profession.

I was originally intrested in becoming a W/R and many of the threads talk about this being an effective combination, particularly when combined with poison.

I never even gave W/Ne a second thought up until reading these threads, and now I am even more confused.

Guild Wars seems to be a preety balanced game, so I was just looking for some input on what most of you guys think.

I plan on using swords, if that helps, axes are ok too, but I'm not one with hammers

I'd like to try something other than W/Mo, but do not want to be too reliant on healers of the party. Ranger seems cool, to switch weapons, and use poison but I probably won't invest many points into animal skills.

Then there is the Necro, which is apparently a solid combination but seeing as this is my first character, the W/Ne may be too advanced.