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Blood Haven
25-05-2005, 00:10
I have a N/W which I am building for PVP only. I put my attribute points into Blood Magic, Swordmanship, and Curses.

Skills I use:

1. Life Siphon
2. Vampiric Touch
3. Vampiric Gaze
4. Plague Touch
5. Sever Arerty
6. Gash
7. Final Thrust
8. Res Sig.

I was thinking about getting curses in there such as: Enfeeble, and Shadow of Fear, mainly to take out warriors easily. Would this be a good idea? If so, what skills should I remove to substitute these skills in? Also, any suggestions on other skills are welcome.

Thanks for the help.

25-05-2005, 03:09
Firstly i reccomend you change your weapon to Axe or Hammer.

Axe twist and axe rake both perform an attack and add 2 status effects on an enemy. Allowing you to have less melee related skill on the bar.

Hammer is great, for killing a monk, you cant heal if you cannot stand. Yet, i doubt you should go hammer for 1 prime reason which i'll point out:

Hammer knocks people down, making them want to get away from you (generally speaking, specifically spellcasters) based on your touches / melee's this is the exact response you want to avoid. So perhaps hammer is not for you.

Of course this is simply my opinion, but with a skill like Axe rake you can both damage and cripple your opponent, perfect time now to start laying on the vampiric touch and such.

I dont really have much to say about sword other than the fact it will limit your skills, to cripple you will need hamstring which is'nt currently in your build, and taking any of the other attacks out looks like it would effect your damage output sigificantly.

If/b] you deicde to go Axe, you could have skill which look like this:

1.Vamp gaze.
2.Vamp touch.
3. Plauge touch.
4. Axe rake
5. Axe twist.
6. Life transfer. Or.. Unholy feast.
7. Disruptiong chop. Or.. Cyclone axe.
8. Rez sig.

[b]Over view

As you see the build is virtually the same, dropping Life sipheon for life transfer allows you to nulify most warrior/monks healing breeze, giving you time to kill them, or you time to get that much needed health back.

Vamp gaze and touch do much the same things they did in your original build, vamp touch hits them while they are in close turning the tables and vamp gaze gets them when they realize they cant win and try to run away.

(I'm actually not a big fan of axe but it seems to suit necro / warrior builds, based on skill space and skills needed.)

With the removal of sword and the addition of axe and Disruption chop you have a much greater chance of killing: Mesmers. Elementalists. Necros. And best of all Monks. Basically anything which casts spells as a primary function.

Axe rake is a nice touch for crippling targets and keeping them in close for your touches.

Axe twist is going to really help you against primary warriors, their armour might be heavier, but now they swing with much less force, making your armour seems stronger. :happy34:

Plauge touch is sheer brilliance in a build like this, specifically vs. sword users.. Sword user uses sever artery on you.. and before he gets gash to hit, you pass him, his bleed. You just made 2 of his skills usless by using one of yours. Hard luck sword user. :happy65:

Lifetransfer should be in there instead of life sipheon plain and simple. Unless of course you just cant get it. (its really not that hard just do the thunderhead keep mission).

The 'or' part

I placed 2 skills in which CAN be changed up based on what you like to do, the 2 skills i changed them with are AoE's and if say you happen not to often be the target of people rush in AoE axe... hit as many as possible, some one spots you snd starts attacking you, just stay still AoE health drain, and keep at it. This is only a option to be used if your play style is'nt 'tank like', if you know what i mean.

Obviously remember, these are only suggestions, and you should only ever play what is fun for you, reguardless of how hard it 'pwns'.

Curses could be very good with a melee weapon but you'll be finding the health regain is the problem, so stick with blood / weapon.

25-05-2005, 03:35

Do not keep making new threads wanting to discuss the same character with 2 skill changes. That is worse than bumping. If you edit your build that you just posted 2 days ago, then please use that same thread again. If you would like to find your old thread, click on your name and click on "Threads started by Blood Haven". It is the one right before this one.

Blood Haven
25-05-2005, 03:39
oh...i thought it would go under a different thread. my mistake again! geeeeeeeeeeze.

25-05-2005, 04:01
haha its OK. I just do not want people reposting builds 80000 times as soon as theirs gets to page 2. That is not what you were doing, so you're fine :happy34:

Blood Haven
25-05-2005, 04:39
lol i understand now, thanks. :)