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kai dapwnge
25-05-2005, 04:18
Besides the fact that meteor causes exhaustion, would there be any reason to pick fireball over meteor if u only had 1 slot left for 1 of them.

Funky Monkey
25-05-2005, 05:05
Meteor has a knockdown and Fireball doesn't.

25-05-2005, 05:48
I like fireball over meteor. Fireball has nice cooldown with no exhaustion. I also use meteor storm, and I like that better than meteor. Knockdown isn't that big a deal for me, since it seems like after asention a large majority of monsters can't be knocked down anyways.

25-05-2005, 06:14
I dont use either. There are better spells to pick over both of them.

My current lineup for soloing drakes (I replace something with res if I'm with anyone else)

Flare, Phoenix, Inferno, Aura of Rest, Meteor Shower, Fire Storm(to be replaced with Rodgort's Invocation), Arcane Echo, Armor of Earth or Whirlwind

Fireball is ok if you really really dont like being near monsters but I've never had a problem

Meteor (not shower) is useful at times and I think I may add it to my pvp bar for a 3x knockdown spell lineup for taking down monks and warriors that swarm me

kai dapwnge
25-05-2005, 06:35
Where do u get "phoenix" from?

Elemental Pl
25-05-2005, 08:28
Where do u get "phoenix" from?

skill trader @ Grendich Courthouse (near Nolani Academy)

25-05-2005, 09:42
As long as the targets stays put, nothing beats Meteor Swarm, Fire Storm, Lava font, in terms of raw damage output.

Swarm: 5x60-90 dam? for 25 mana. Use it on Jade Armours or lvl 25+ mobs.
Fire Storm: 250 dam for 15 mana
Lava Font: 120 dam for 10 mana (this is one of my favourites as I am El W! and fight close range. 2 sec cast, wish it was 1 sec. May trade it for Flame Burst but that is 15 mana for 91 dam only which is 50% less efficiency)

Phoenix is also very nice in close range combat. Not many spells will dish out 150+ damage in 3 seconds on all mobs at hand. I used it a lot before. Now I use Lava Font in melee mostly. One has to consider the casting time, as 1 sec more casting time means 20-30 dam less in melee.

For 1 target long term damage, nothing beats Immolate in my book. Why? Because it got a 1 second cast time allowing max melee, and the 3 second on Fire has a 100% armour penetration.

I dont bother with Flare at all, as I know Immolate will absorb 10 mana x maybe 10 casts per minute = 100 mana / minute. Why bother to have Flare in my book when Immolate does as much damage per minute? Flare will spike more, but I do half of my damage with sword+Conjure, and then the 1 sec cast time to do 50+42 = 92 dam from Immolate is so much better. Immolate also got much better armour penetration due to On Fire.

And finally, Conjure Flame is THE best damage dealer in my book! Why bother with a Flare at 34 damage, when my 11-22 wand will do 15+10 damage per 1.75 seconds with Conjure up?? Or my Dragon Sword Conjured hitting every 1.33 sec?? Spiking with Immolate every 5 seconds to 92 dam gives about the same damage output with vastly less mana consumption. Really missing Frenzy in the setup, but I dont dare use it normally.as my AoE attract attention.

Finally, totally off topic; I really love to be W secondary as caster. Reason is that all the W skills trigger in 0 sec, during spell casting, anytime. This is just awesome :) My Sword is also my main damage source on single targets. For pure damage dealing over time, nothing beats ElW IMO. My sword does 20 DPS, Conjure maybe 8 DPS, then comes the spell damage. If I run low on mana, who cares, I still do as much damage as any warrior out there with my sword alone+Conjure.

I dont carry any sword skills apart from the weapon, as the weapon alone does around 20 DPS on a good day. I really miss Sever ARtery, as this does 6 DPS, which is probably one of the top 3 damage dealers in my melee book. However, I bring with me AOE in various configurations instead, to add to group blasting ability.

Must say that all those WaMo's out there can't be doing much damage?? The few times I take a time out, in a 8 man group mind you!!, the mobs take so much longer to drop..like yesterday clearing the fort with the King..Taking the 2 last groups, I ran off manning one of the catapults instead. And it took the 7 man group so darn long to finish off the mobs I had to run back and help em a tad.

That doesn't happen with a Fiery Elementalist around


If that wasn't off topic, I dont know :)