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25-05-2005, 06:13
ok i have played the womo to the forge and now i want to do something less standard. now i know this is probably more standard for the necro field but it's not a wo or mo primary/secondary wich i see all the time. i was curious as to what skill sets you'd use for pve, ill figure out pvp later but for now i'd like to be able to quest solo and with groups with out getting beat up too much. and since you guys have played necros more than i, i figured asking befor i made one and had to backtrack would be smart. suggestions on which skill trees i should be investing points into and maybe the more heavily used spells would be great. thx

25-05-2005, 06:47
Well you want to be able to solo and have a focus on PvE you say, well Blood Magic is screaming your name about now. I'd really say your going to want a few life steal skills which will allow you to stay alive and do damage at the same time. If you want to go Mesmer too, use a few degenerative hexes to add to your life degen already on the targets.

Head to death magic for sheer damage output, or curses to hinder your enemies and drain them.

Hope that gives you a little direction to dabble in.