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25-05-2005, 08:45
What is a good second profession for a monk to make it the perfect support combo for gvg or pvp?

25-05-2005, 10:48
What is a good second profession for a monk to make it the perfect support combo for gvg or pvp?

In my opinion,the best pure support combo is E/Mo (or Mo/E possibly,if youre into the runes) but not built around heals. Go storage/protection/earth.

Now you'll have protection prayers like reversal of fortune,protective spirit,aegis,mark of protection,shield of regeneration,spellbreaker,life bond and the rest of it,as well as ward against XXXX,obsidian flesh,armor of earth (we all know the deal with pvp,monk primary and target priority,so an extra 30 AL will do you good),and if youre getting zerged by melees,you also got spells like grasping earth to slow everything around you (while ward make sure they dont harm you). Keep yourself buffed up with armor of earth (or kinetic armor if you prefer that) and keep laying wards.

I've a friend that played a build like this,and he was untouchable for the most part,since he had obsidian flesh running with a % increased enchantment duration he could keep it up almost 24/7,so spellcasters couldnt touch him,then ward melee+armor of earth+reversal of fortune took care of whatever melees could come up with.
He dealt next to...well,he dealt no damage,but while he was still breathing,he made sure the other team couldnt either. i would advice E/Mo for two reasons,firstly becuase youll be a slightly smaller target in pvp priority,and secondly because if youre going this route you wont need divine favour,and energy storage will do you much more good.

Oh well,this is my take on a pure supporter.

25-05-2005, 13:51
then that means i will be ditching my ele/mes and change to ele/monk... hmmmmmm.... that is a lot to think about

How about the top giulds(korean guilds) what do their monks have a a secondary profession?