View Full Version : Hammers, Swords & Axes

25-05-2005, 13:16
Bit of a noob question since my Warrior Char. is only lvl8 but:

I'm a bit puzzled as to the balance of weapons in the game. Ok, I get that hammers do the most damage, whereas swords do less damage at a quicker rate. But where do axes fit in?

Axes seem to have a similar attack rate to swords but they can hit for lower damage. Compare for example a sword of 10-16 dmg to a similar level axe of 6-16. Where does the axe make up for the wider damage band? Am I missing something? :confused:

25-05-2005, 14:00
Max Axe damage is 6-28, Swords are 15-22. So while the Swords are consistent, the Axes can potentially deal much more damage or much less damage. Plus most people pick Axes for the skills anyway.