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Mr Kaboom
25-05-2005, 17:49
Im trying to figure out what is a good build, Im leaning twords Illusion over Domination, and my main objective is destruction and survival.

can anyone show me some sample build for a me/n or give me some input on some builds.


How exactly does energy of mantra work? it says this.

"For 54 seconds, spells you cast recharge 50% faster. Whenever you cast a spell, you lose 6 energy or Mantra of Recovery ends. This is an elite skill."

does that mean that any spell i cast only costs 6 energy?

Thank you

- Mr Kaboom

Nobleman Azure
25-05-2005, 18:06
Mantra of recovery does not require the 6 energy cost anymore. Not that i know of.

Me/N with illusion can be a DOT mesmer using conjure phantasm, blood magic DOTs and be able to protect yourself better against melee type characters because of illusions way of manipulation.

Me/N can be a heavy hexer employing soul barbs and loading numerous hexes from the curse magic tree in necro and illusion tree in mesmer. This build is also very well suited to debuff a warrior type.

Pick a type (not limited to what i listed, you can make something else) and show us an idea of what skills you like to use and many will be happy to help you fix it up for play.

Mr Kaboom
25-05-2005, 18:19
"Mantra of recovery does not require the 6 energy cost anymore. Not that i know of."

Oh ic now, I was inturpreting the 6 energy cost as, all spells cast during that period of time ONLY cost 6 energy.

ok Right now here is what I have for skills for it.

Vampiric gaze
Conjure Phatasm
Life Siphon
Ether Feast
Vampiric Touch
- Empty dont know what to put here yet, probably a energy tap
Mantra of Recovery

Pros, Cons? Critisism please :)

Nobleman Azure
25-05-2005, 18:34
Seems you are going for a DOT type.

Ether feast wont be necessary much because of all teh life draining skills you have. but its still viable if you prefer it.

On the empty slot i recommend Life transfer

As a replacement for ether feast, to battle youre huge energy lost fast casting and fast-recovering these spells Bring 1 illusion spell that helps you regain. Since you have one slot left, Ether lord is viable here. Energy tap is also viable because of your fast cast and perhaps fast recovery time.

Mr Kaboom
25-05-2005, 18:49
So Does something like this look like it will be a solid build?

Vampiric gaze
Conjure Phatasm
Life Siphon
Vampiric Touch ( Possibly Replace with Ether Feast? Because it heals 105 hp )
Energy Tap
Ether Lord
Mantra of Recovery


Illusion 10
Insperation 10
Bloodmagic 10
Fast Casting 5

Also are you positive Mantra of Recovery doesnt take 6 extra Energy every time you cast a spell?

Nobleman Azure
25-05-2005, 18:59
yes im positive, im looking at the skill right now in my skill window XD

and thats build is workable, but if you plan to do battling in PVE or 4v4 PVP i suggest you drop either ether lord or tap to make room for ress signet

Mr Kaboom
25-05-2005, 19:17
Oh crap, I thought that Mantra of Recovery was your ENERGY recovers 50% faster, Doh. I just reread it.

It seems I will be running out of Energy faster then I thought, so would it make more sence for me to drop Vampiric Touch and add the res signent there to keep my energy tap? Also Im not sure if I should put Ether Feast instead of vampiric touch, and Get rid of the tap, But then again would I run into a energy Problem?

Any suggestions?

( I will have to do some testing once I get high enough in level )

26-05-2005, 01:30
I'm not going illusion but domination would that work with blood curses or should i go domination/inpiration/curses/rest fast casting. Maybe i should go curses instead of bloodmagic even tho blood magic helps me stay alive... arghh such a hard choice :P

Nobleman Azure
26-05-2005, 04:12
Curses can maximize your damage potential with soul barbs as well as help teammates lower targets armor.

Blood magic, as you stated helps you stay alive. Indeed its a hard choice.