View Full Version : Capturing Healing Hands

25-05-2005, 20:51
So far I've made several attempts at trying to capture Healing Hands from:
Muga Riptide (D'Alessio Seaboard)
Yerk Plopsquirt (Nebo Terrace)

From what I've seen, after spending about 10 min on each for a few runs they didn't cast it at any point and time. Numerous things were tried. Is there some special way to make them cast the skill?

25-05-2005, 20:56
Don't waste your time trying to capture it from them. I believe that it's been established that they no longer cast it. You're going to have to wait until Perdition Rock like the rest of us.

Ahastar Darktalon
25-05-2005, 23:29
^^^^ What he said ^^^^

26-05-2005, 00:59
Yeah, Rull Browbeater. Hes pretty easy to get to, just go north of ember light camp and take a left, sprint past the ether seal and then look to the left of you. You'll either see him clear as day, or its time to go back to teh camp. I got a group of ppl together last night to cap the skill. One guy waited at the town entrance for when he wasnt there. After about 5 times we got him and got the skill. Attacking his buddy's is the way to go cuz he doesnt cast it much on himself. Plus he uses restore life on the other ettins around so you kinda need a group to go with. Hope this helps.

26-05-2005, 17:23
I only saw Wissper Inssani use it once in 6 tries at Elona Reach - I did get Word of Healing though - that is a nice quick heal like Dwayna's Kiss.