View Full Version : ConsumeCorpse/NecroticTraversal

25-05-2005, 22:08

I was wondering which one would you people prefer and where could i get either of these skills. I checked the class professions here and under avaliablity it said i could find consume corpse in Camp Rankor and Nerotic Traversal in Lions Arch. Where is Camp Rankor and the skill trainer in Lions Arch does not have any skills for me. :confused:Thanks in advance.

25-05-2005, 22:42
there is a trainer that has some necro skills in ascalon settlement. it's in the area just outside of LA. The camp is North west of Droknar's Forge. Also I think you get traversal as one of the proffesion quests rewards at some point. As it stand they are both super useless unless you want to ninja hack one mission. Corpses have many other uses all of which are better.