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26-05-2005, 02:08
Will a Elementalist/ Necro work ( I want him to be good at PvP also so Energy Storage I thought would work better. Anyways, if I go Blood for life and then Fire to deal damage will this be a good combo. Also I've seen other primary Necros use Blood skills and when they cast them there guy like flys up into the air and spreads his arms. It looks really cool will my Elementalist do this if I use that Blood skill or you msut be Primary Necro, jsut wondering.

All the help is well appreciated.

26-05-2005, 03:24
Please anybody with any help?

26-05-2005, 04:47
well im not a pro at necros, but i think you got some point, eles energy storage is great , but da amount of energy the element uses is a lot and they have lots of skills , so sometimes there are skills u want for ur ele but also some for necro , it will get confusin sometimes, but i noe there are some pro necro+ele out there , i saw a lvl 20 b4 , he owns quite a bit at pvp when i was playin wit him , but he runs out of energy too fast :eek:

Nefaru Firestorm
26-05-2005, 23:14
ele/necro and necro/ele both have their plusses. Basically, the primary attritbutes.

Energy storage vs soul reaping.

One increases your total energy, the other gives you energy when anything in a certain area (about 1.5 times your "danger zone) dies. Anything. Pets, summons, friends, foes...whatever.

I personally favor soul reaping...if things die fast enough you never run out of energy. I was fighting a mob with some guildmates that had about 16-17 differents enemies in it. Skales, drakes, imps, and a few others. I already had 8-10 pets out. In the fight my energy was almost always full as my pets died, enemies died, and the pets I raised from the dead died. 39 energy and it never went below 19.

27-05-2005, 00:19
yea but I want this character for PvP also and Soul Reaping isnt so great in PvP

27-05-2005, 23:07
I think that build could be very effective, but I don't think that you are exploiting the full potential of either class by combining Necro with a fire ele. I would say that you would be better off using water or earth magic since the main benefit of necro skills are offensive in nature, and the defensive characteristics mostly involve replenishing your health and not your energy.

Maybe concentrating on Death magic paired with fire spells would be pretty good since you could raise minions to take some of the heat off of you while you rain fiery death on your opponents...

Personally, I like necro paired with a warrior or ranger as you have the ability to deal weapon damage between casting or while waiting for your energy to recharge.

I guess the question to ask yourself is how can you most effectively combine the strong points of each class to acheive the type of character you want...

Oh, and yes, you will get the same animation for any spell cast regardless of your primary class.