View Full Version : Is it just me, or does the Phoenix spell look like a fireball?

Lust Faeriefire
26-05-2005, 04:12
I'm only posting this here since this is the Ele forum.. but... the description they give for the Phoenix makes it sound GODLY! (A phoenix RISES from the ground and...)

I just got it now (just got to yak's) and I used it right away... its like... 'cast delay... charging....charging.... OMG here it comes....... >poof< a simple fireball is cast dealing more dmg'.

Everything in this game is like amazing... the graphics especially.. I was hoping this spell woulda r0x0red my b0x0rs ;)

The Divine One
26-05-2005, 07:12
Haha that was the same reaction I had...

I expected to see a HUGE phoenix rise above my head and swoop in towards the target with a flaming tail etc... -_-' Nope. Just a little phoenix icon above your head. XD Lovely.. = /

Yes I do agree that many of the elemental spells are lacklustre... I tried being an air magic nuker and didn't like it cause it looked...wimpy.

However, ryc about phoenix being worse than fireball, its actually not. It deals the same damage as fireball, PLUS an additional adjacent damage dealt essentially making it inferno and fireball combined. : )