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26-05-2005, 06:38
Just capped Signet of Midnight off Malus Phamatis, a Phantom boss in Perdition Rock, spawns just east of the entry point, if you don't see him its easy to run away and come back. If you see Ignis something or other, or Balthazar's Cursed, you know he didn't spawn. Very easy to cap with henches. And let me say, while this is a mesmer skill, it works wonders as a defense against warriors, especially coupled with Epidemic. I was a little wary of replacing Word of Healing with it, but I just added in Heal Other, dropped Healing Breeze for Orison, and things are going swimmingly. Just came off a 12 win streak, quit because I got tired. Warriors aren't too much trouble for me to survive, mesmers can be a challenge, but I have Signet of Devotion loaded so they cannot completely stop me from healing.

Miss Ainia
26-05-2005, 09:06
Can you post whole your build?:P Because i just made my Mo/Me too ;P And i dont have very much of a clue how the build shall look when its finished.. ;(


26-05-2005, 20:49
My build is as follows:

12 Healing Prayers
12(11+1) Divine Favor
6 Illusion Magic
2 Inspiration Magic

1. Healing Seed
2. Signet of Devotion
3. Orison of Healing
4. Heal Other
5. Illusion of Weakness
6. Epidemic > Sometimes replaced with Healing Touch
7. Signet of Midnight
8. Vengeance

Prophet's Scalp Design
Wanderer's Vestments
Ascetic's Arm Design
Wanderer's Pants
Ascetic's Foot Design

Smiting Rod
5-10 Light Dmg (Req 5 Smiting prayers, I don't ever attack)
Damage +10%%(while Health above 50%)
Energy +3 (while Health above 50%)

Healing Ankh
Energy +12 (Req 8 Healing Prayers)
Armor +4 vs. elemental attacks

Alternate ankh on F2 button (for dire energy need situations, I don't really switch to this often)
Energy +6 (Req 5 healing prayers)
Energy +15
Energy regeneration -1
Health +30

If anyone has any suggestions to change this build, I'm always appreciative. It has seemed to work very well for me so far.

Miss Ainia
26-05-2005, 23:41
nice.. :) Though i think a neat staff is better than rod + .. shield .. =)