View Full Version : N/Mo Build

Silhouette Saloon
26-05-2005, 07:49
Reading a couple of the threads in this forum gave me a lot of insight on my character, but i was surprised not to see much of the build that i have, which i love.

basically im a blood necro with smiting spells. using a combination of the DoTs followed up with a few burst dmg skills. against a warrior with full health i was able to nuke him and regain all my health.

basically my general attack strategy works like this:

casting both life transfer and life siphon first, i can take initial damage and still be generally ok for the 10-12 seconds to cast my next few spells. casting faintheartedness, banish, and vampiric gaze basically exhausts my energy but also takes a pretty fat chunk out of my opponents health. finishing with a bane signet will knock down any melee class attacking me, giving me enough time to recharge banish and vampiric gaze, as well as my energy, which usually finishes him off if the healer isnt paying attention.

the big problem with this is that at the end i have no energy whatsoever if im attacked again. its a pretty devastating attack at the onset but afterwards im left pretty high and dry if im fighting alone.

anyone have some advice on how to make this build better? this is just what i've found works for me. im ready to try something new and better if i can get a second opinion.