View Full Version : Collector PVP Wand?

Kyori Ai
27-05-2005, 07:56
Would there happen to be a collector that trades you a PVP Air Wand?
i.e. Lightning Damage 11-22, Improve Casting Speed Using Air Skills (Chance: 20%)
And if so, anyone know where the collector is?


28-05-2005, 00:03
I have that wand, Contact me in game if your interested.

IGN : Atlas Kanda

Sieg Hawk
28-05-2005, 00:18
i have a hale air staff of air magic with stats:

11-22 dmg
energy +10
20% air magic cast speed
20% air magic recharge speed
11% air magic+1
HP+ 18

28-05-2005, 02:43
i'm not sure if there is such a collector. if there is, however, he's probably in the crystal desert or the southern shiverpeaks. you might search this forum and the one at guildwarsguru to see if you can figure out what the collectors there all offer.