View Full Version : Farmer E/Mo build, refinement/advice needed

27-05-2005, 13:51
El/Mo smiting damage self-sufficient farming build - still in theory, untested. Require input in order to improve - thoughts?

Elementalist/Monk (198/200)
Energy Storage: 8+2 (37)
Healing Prayers: 8 (37)
Protection Prayers: 7 (28)
Smiting Prayers: 12 (97)

1) Orison of Healing [Healing Prayers] (5,1,2) Spell: Heal target ally for 47 health.

2) Guardian [Protection Prayers] (5,1,2) Enchantment: For 5 seconds, target ally has a 34% chance to block attacks and magical projectiles.

3) Reversal of Fortune [Protection Prayers] (5,0,2) Enchantment: The next time target ally would take damage, that ally gains that amount of health instead, maximum 45.

4) Symbol of Wrath [Smiting Prayers] (5,2,30) Spell: For 5 seconds, foes in this location take 27 holy damage each second.

5) Balthazar's Aura [Smiting Prayers] (25,1,15) Enchantment: For 10 seconds, foes adjacent to target ally take 22 holy damage each second.

6) Zealot's Fire [Smiting Prayers] (10,1,30) Enchantment: For 60 seconds, whenever you use a skill on an ally, all foes adjacent to your target are struck for 37 fire damage.

7) Aura of Restoration [Energy Storage] (10,0,20) Enchantment: For 60 seconds, you are healed for 317% of the energy cost each time you cast a spell.

8) Ether Renewal [Energy Storage] (10,1,30) Enchantment: For 10 seconds, each time you cast a spell, you gain 4 energy and 15 health for each enchantment on you. This is an elite skill.

Battle planning, most likely timeline of skill activations:

Pre-Battle: Put up Zealot's, Aura.
0s: Cast Ether Renewal
1s: Cast Balthazar's Aura: (+22 holy, +37 fire, +135 heal, -9 energy)
2s: Balthazar, Begin Casting Symbol: (+22 holy)
3s: Balthazar, Cast Symbol: (+49 holy, +75 heal, +11 energy)
4s: Balt/Symbol , Cast Reversal: (+49 holy, +37 fire, +135 heal, +15 energy)
5s: Balt/Symbol, Cast Guardian: (+49 holy, +37 fire, +105 heal, +19 energy)
6s: Balt/Symbol, Cast Orison: (+49 holy, +37 fire, +152 heal, +19 energy)
7s: Balt/Symbol Cast Reversal: (+49 holy, +37 fire, +150 heal, +19 energy)
8s: Balthazar, Cast Guardian: (+22 holy, +37 fire, +105 heal, +19 energy)
9s: Balthazar, Cast Orison: (+22 holy, +37 fire, +152 heal, +19 energy)
10s: Balthazar, Cast Reversal: (+22 holy, +37 fire, +150 heal, +19 energy)
11s: Balthazar Ends, Ether Renewal Ends

Total Holy Damage: +355
Total Fire Damage: +296
Total Healing: +1159
Total Energy: +131

Damage/Sec: +65.1
Heal/Sec: +115.9
Energy/Sec: +13.1

What would be the best farming area for this build?

27-05-2005, 14:48
The first area that comes to mind is the shiverpeaks,alot of monsters there are weak to fire,and there are some dwarves that are necros as well,that might be susceptible to holy damage.

If you could find a place with lots of ice golems i think that'd be sweet ;)

Sieg Hawk
27-05-2005, 17:22
This may take time but in riverside, get a healer and a fighter henchmen with you, enter mission. just kill all the monsters along the path to hill giants until you are just before them, there should be a gang of undeads. Make sure the henchmen are near you and go near the undeads. They would probably attack the henchmen, some may attack you but run. The henchmen should stay there and die while you are on your way to giants. This makes it into solo and now just do attack and run tactic, which takes sometime but will definitely get you the reward you deserve.