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Tu Khan
27-05-2005, 22:52
I'm a level 16 Mo/E, but I'm feeling a bit of indecision. You see, right now my attributes are:

Fire Magic: 11
Healing Prayers: 7+1
Divine Favor: 2

Now, obviously this is not a centrally monk-oriented build. I have to admit, I am greatly enjoying being able to cause serious damage with my fire magic, and the healing level I have has generally been sufficient to support myself alone when out farming and such, and to support a party when I'm with one. But still, I have a desire to be a healing monk, since I like the idea of being responsible for supporting the party, having everyone depending on me... So, I'm just looking for any sort of advice you all can give me. Should I lower my fire magic some and increase Healing and Divine Favor, or should I not lower it and just assign future attribute points to the monk attributes, or what do you think I should do?

28-05-2005, 01:11
I think it all depends. If, in the future you feel that you'd rather heal more because it makes things easier, or if you find that you tend to neglect the use of your fire skills because of extensive healing, or if simply after a fight you realize that only 1 more monk attribute or just 1 more monk skill would've saved your party from annihilation, then you should stick to your dedicated profession. It's wise but not imperative to decide this by the time of reaching ascension.

You may stick to being a support+damage monk but you won't get full advantage of healing that way, or what I would choose is evolving into a dedicated monk and maybe starting an elementalist if you enjoy dealing great damage. Also at later areas and especially Tombs pvp your team won't be solely depending on you for survival but most likely another 1 or 2 monks too.
Hope you will make the best decision that suits you :)