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27-05-2005, 23:16
Is it possable to make a summoncer, like that in Diablo, in GW?

28-05-2005, 01:40
I'm currently working on one. Thing is, its not very effective in PvP battles. The basic idea I'm working with is a M/Me but the mesmer side isn't really being used atm ... its more 'just there' so later on when I respec for PvP I can be more 1-on-1 oriented.

As for necro PvE, its a blast. Animate minions, hit 'em with death nova and leave them to die (or, re-die, whatever). I then use vampiric gaze, life siphon and phantasm on bigger targets.

Sometimes i mix it up and use a putrid explosion if there is a cluster big enough.

If you want a minion army though, you'll want to go N/Mo to keep your minions alive, and summon the stronger Horrors. Horrors summon slower since you only get one at a time, but that cast is also less energy intensive and since you're gonna go monk instead of mesmer secondary, you'll have less energy restoring abilities.

I was actually starting to toy with the idea of making a R/N for a minion army, since you also get the pet, but I dunno. I can see energy problems there. Thing is, I love the look of the ranger more than the Necromancer.

Of course, if you try it and don't like it, you can always change tactics later on. But yes, all-in-all, you CAN make a minion army like in D2 ... and in fact, you're army will actually be effective later in the game, unlike D2.

28-05-2005, 06:23
I'm using N/R and its great.. have been owning for a while now.. all the way to riverside... =) soul reaping gives more than enough energy to continually summon while the pet is a very good tank..

now just a matter of getting some spells to keep the army alive.. =)

28-05-2005, 09:24
only problem wit it , is dat u have to keep summoning ur minions over and over again, but i tink da higher ur death magic, da longer they last ... O_o uno i hope so tho, other than dat, im ownin great wit my blood death soul necro :cool:

29-05-2005, 16:26
Yeah, i did what Hakka did. N/R I've been only upgrading Death magic (but i upgraded Soul Reaping, Beast Mastery, and Wilderness Survivial once) He's pretty effective. I've been using Deathly Swarm, cause im still Pre-Searing. 39 dmg up to 3 targets. Its pretty deadly and swarmy. Thanks for the help.


29-05-2005, 21:02
Death magic 10 I assume?

Yes it's possible to have an army of undead running around, beating things up, but unlike Diablo 2 your undead rot over time and eventually will just keel over on the spot.