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28-05-2005, 00:53
anyone know of any quests on how to obtain stone daggers or what boss uses it so i can capture it. i know which trainer has it but its way late game. any info would be of help

28-05-2005, 09:24
i seem to remember a boss related to a quest just outside of yaks bend, something the undefeated..i forget the name. he used stone daggers on me, so try looking there (might have to find someone that needs the quest to get him to spawn though)

28-05-2005, 10:34
you can get it from a quest in Druids Overlook

/Aire :)

28-05-2005, 21:23
Ulrik the Undefeated, he's the mesmer quest boss (Stone Summit Champion). He uses Kinetic Armour (bought at Maguuma Stade, a long way off), Stone Daggers (quested for at Druid's Outlook, though it has you going almost all the way to Bloodstone Fen to complete the quest), and Ward Against Melee (which you should already have if you can capture skills, but Captain Greywind should be the one who sells it to you).

So be sure to help those mesmers! Unfortunately he's extremely easy to beat for mesmers, so you'll have to help mesmers through the Nolani Academy mission to capture those skills, otherwise you're not likely to meet a mesmer who hasn't finished that quest already.

diamond dust
29-05-2005, 09:13
but Captain Greywind should be the one who sells it to you)

would you mind telling me where this captain greywind is located? :X

29-05-2005, 10:45
He's in an Ascalon Settlement almost due North from Lion's Arch

/Aire :)

29-05-2005, 10:52
I find it easier to work my way East from the hot springs and back into the Northern Kryta area, it's a shorter journey and the settlement is right there when you pass back into the right area, no monsters in the way.