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28-05-2005, 02:30
I plan to use my elementalist for both PvE and PvP. So I want to have at least some decent AoE spells, but also be able to survive and kill in a PvP battle.

At first I thought of going Fire/Earth, since there are some great AoE and protection spells. Looking at the spell list at gwonline.net however, I am somewhat interested in the air element for the high damage and armor penetration. Water also looks decent in the AoE department.

So I was wondering, which element would best suit my needs?

Thanks for any help!

Septiam Vivec
28-05-2005, 08:18
I come from a slight bias-I'm a hydromancer, so I can tell you that it has excellent spells for defense; such as swirling aura, armour of frost/armour of mist, and then the elites such as mist form (which protects you from any damage for a certain amount of time, depending on your water skills.

However, I can also state that being a geomancer could be an approach with air magic, because it has the highest number of defense spells, (which will keep you and your friends in the battle longer) and it has some powerful AOE too).

I hope I helped, I don't know much about pyromancers, except that they hit the highest.

Remember that hydromancers can hit those hexes that slow down your enemy...very helpful in some instances.


28-05-2005, 14:48
I have considered going Air/Earth, but I am worried for the earlier parts of the game. Not pre-searing (of course), but when you do missions in old ascalon and the like - it just feels risky to me to have only lightning javelin as an attack spell (since it is the only damage air spell you learn pre-searing).

About water, well, for defence I would rather go earth to have some great AoE too. But I don't have much experience with this anyway, and I might be wrong.

Croix Rheymis
28-05-2005, 18:37
In my opinion air is a very nice element. Once you buy lightning orb (in LA was it?) you can do some decent damage. One benefit of air damage-wise is the 25% armor penetration.
However what really made me go air was its ability to weaken (enervating charge) and blind (blinding flash) which can really impair warriors. There are also some nice knockdowns such as shock.
The chain lightning skill is nice too because it can attack multiple targets for high damage instantly rather than over time, and that can catch enemy healers off guard.

In terms of AOEs, you want to use fire elementalist. They have some of the most powerful spells including fire storm, searing heat, rodgort's invocation, meteor, meteor storm etc. And they can also make use of point blank rage spells such as inferno, flame burst, and lava font. The main reason besides damage that I would reccomend fire over all the others in terms of AOEs is simply the number of spells it has that deal nice damage. This can save you from some cooldown times.

28-05-2005, 20:35
In that case, would it be a good idea to do Fire/Air? I'm quite unsure about dropping earth though, because of the protection spells...

Croix Rheymis
28-05-2005, 21:42
Actually I think earth and fire are interchangeable because earth does have some good spells like earthquake, aftershock, obsidian flame, crystal wave, eruption, obsidian flesh etc. in addition to the wards.
Of course in my opinion although the wards are useful they can be overrated.
If I played earth I would probaby just stick to damage and let the protection monks take care of the rest. It's your call though on which playing style you prefer.

28-05-2005, 21:54
Air/Earth works quite well. You can hit someone with Iron Mist and then wail on them with lightning spells while they shamble along at 10% running speed. There's also Obsidian Flame (armour piercing, high damage), Earthquake (wide area knockdown), and Chain Lightning (decently wide area, 3 target "Lightning Orb" attack, no travel time at all).

Lightning Orb is obtained a lot later than Lion's Arch, but with a Signet of Capture (obtained there) you can go back to Ascalon, go through the Great Northern Wall mission, and capture it from one of the gargoyle bosses that spawns about half way through. It's only twice the power of Lightning Strike though at three times the cost, and it can miss. I don't find it that useful.

I'm personally against Armour of Mist and Armour of Frost as defensive spells, they don't recharge fast enough and don't last long enough (for a melee application that is), and Armour of Mist (the one that improves your speed) takes 2 seconds to cast which is an eternity when you're under attack. Armour of Earth outshines both in defense (Frost is close, +40 defense all the time so you need a high Earth to beat it), combined energy cost (15 versus 10), and much faster cast time (3/4 versus 1, 2, or 3 for the combined strength). It also recharges faster (15 seconds versus 30 or 45 for Mist and Frost respective) and lasts longer (30 seconds versus 18 and 29 respective). If they at least recharged before the enchantment ended, or lasted longer (in Armour of Mist's case, because you don't want to cast a 2 second spell for defense all the time in the heat of battle) I'd be more eager to suggest them.

Swirling Aura is nice though, 75% chance to block is always a good thing, no matter what the duration. Even with no Water magic it's equivilant to most warrior Tactics skills in duration.

Sieg Hawk
29-05-2005, 16:40
I use air/fire/healing now, lightning strike, orb, chain, searing heat, firestorm are the damage spell i use, its good since all comes from the sky (apart from orb) and cannot b blocked by obstacle.

one thing that i really want to know is what does "weaken" actually do?

29-05-2005, 18:20
Weakness lowers the target's attack damage by 66% (if I recall correctly, and I think it's just physical attackers)...so it's great against those pesky Warriors and Rangers

29-05-2005, 18:41
why dont you use em all?

i mean,the refunds are there to be used.
go fire/whatnot when youre pve,and something else when you pvp,its not like refund points are hard to come by...

29-05-2005, 20:32
Because people look for the universal build. If it works in PvP, it'll likely work in PvM too. Just not as well as if you built straight for PvM.

29-05-2005, 22:47
Thanks for the tips people. I might try Air/Earth, or use the refunds points as someone suggested. It's just that I am straight out of Diablo 2, and am not used to changing elements in the middle of a game.