View Full Version : Looking for a good Elementalist/Monk PvP build

28-05-2005, 03:58
I was wondering if any of you have any good builds or know of any good builds so I can see what they do and try it out.

I been playing around myself with some different skills but I have not found a good build yet.

These are my stats(they will have to change alot since I was building a farmer char but later found out it would take till long till I would reach that certain area she could be used in to farm and it would take too long to get all the skills needed)

With that said here are my stats:

2 in Water magic
8(7 not including item I have) in energy storage
6 in healing prayers
6 in smiting prayers.

I was thinking of maybe getting rid of healing all together and try to become a good nuker or at least take alot of it and maybe just have 1 healing spell just incase.

I was also thinking to use smiting skills so Something/Smiter since I heard there pretty good.

I am not sure what type of magic to use. Like most smiting skills seem to have long cools down(well the ones I have I am only lv14 at yakas bend) so I do not want to be sitting there waiting for skills to recharge mean while the guy is healing himself.

So I was looking at all the kinds of magic types you can go and I am still not sure what to do it.

Like water magic:

Pros: Slows players down what is nice if you are trying to finish them off and has ok damage

Cons: Seems to use quite a bit of magic all my skills I have are 10+ energy, and like 30sec cool downs.

I am not too sure about the other ones but fire seems to do good damage at low mana costs. Earth causes blindess( I think or some of its skills do) but costs quite a bit of energy.

Lighting I do not have too much expirence with so not sure how good it is.

So any tips or builds I could see?


Septiam Vivec
28-05-2005, 08:14
I think that the best build for you should be a hydromancer, because the hydromancer has some good defense spells such as swirling aura, and armour of frost/and armour of mist make it so that you can defend yourself better in battle. However, if you're looking to hit some damage, and still want to hit fairly well, I'd got with being a geomancer, only because they have the best defense spells, while still being able to hit (with AOE too).

I hope it helps. (-=

28-05-2005, 21:43
That helps a bit but I am looking for a build template I can follow atm till I can figure out my own build.

29-05-2005, 07:18
You shouldn't need smiting, instead take your damage spells from one of your Elementalist lines.