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Broken Mirror
28-05-2005, 11:43
Was just wondering where a Necromancer/Monk could go to pick up some blood magic oriented weapons. It seems that no matter where I go and who I kill, all I ever find are Death magic and Curses requiring weapons (neither skill of which I have any ranks in, since I'm a blood magic specialist, heh).

I've been using a hale staff of enchanting, but I want to try and start using some off-hand higher energy items so that I can get my energy past the 40 mark.

Thanks much for your time =)

Bruiser of Minoc
28-05-2005, 12:23
the max off hand you will get is maybe 12 + 2 at most with an enchanted item or such. I had the same problem, thats why I sticked with death magic up until I reached the ring of fire. The flesh golems drop a tonne of necro **** so its all good. But anyways, you shouldnt really worry about damage dealt, ur hex's should provide that. And if u want a tonne more energy buy some scar pattern armour.