View Full Version : Need help with this build

28-05-2005, 19:43

FC 7+1
Dom 9+1+1
Illu 1+1
Insp 10+1

back fire
energy burn
conjure phan
phantom pain
sympathetic visage
energy drain (elite)
ether feast

basicly a all around anti caster/melee
My main problem is i can't decide which elite skill to use
i can always use energy tap instead of energy drain, so what's your advice?
(also should i sub any other skills)
Which skill should I get rid for resserect? trust me its worth it with 8 fast cast
and lastly, fast cast is 7+1 and i'm not changing that, really helps
and dom is 9+1+1 because i like the dom mask more than the other ones

29-05-2005, 03:32
I'm not really the person to ask but what I have heard from others is that empathy really isn't that great at higher levels. The warriors high life is high enough that it negates any good damage the hex will cause, as well, one simple heal will recover all the damage done. That's just what I have heard from around the forums though.

Nobleman Azure
29-05-2005, 04:01
if you want ressurection sub it from empathy.

Anti melee skills should come form illusion tree.

Energy Drain is a pretty good elite. Many others can be subbed but if you are comfortable with it (and enough inspiration points to back it up) its fine.

You only have 1 anti caster spell (perhaps energy drain counts) which is backfire. This can be easily removed so i suggest bringing an interrupt.

Its pretty hard trying to work about on your build because you try to shut down both casters and melee in one build. The 8 skill limit makes it pretty difficult to handle that kind of task. =/