View Full Version : DoT/Hex

Cordio Muffinhead
29-05-2005, 00:14
I want to make a nice Mesmer DoT/Hex/Domination
What should I use for my secondary?
I am currently thinking along Necromancer for Curses.
Should I be a Hexing Dominator?
Which is the correct skill set for Hex breaking?
I was thinking, hex, then smash it for some damage.

I don't know.
Please assist

29-05-2005, 00:19
Necro/mesmer is a good combo, though either way works. Soul Reaping helps with energy problems though, so...

Anyways, Shatter Delusions deals with the hex/damage problem (mesmer hexes only), while necromancers offer lots of health loss hexes of it's own. Life Siphon, Parasitic Bond, Faintheartedness, and Conjure Phantasm are all available very early, and combined can produce -10 HPR easily.

Nobleman Azure
29-05-2005, 05:04
Hex heavy mesmers should go for necromancer because of soul barbs.