View Full Version : How fast DO minions degenerate?

29-05-2005, 19:27
I hear that it's an exponential increase, but does the timer "reset" after you heal them in some way? In other words: is it possible to keep your squad alive forever (if you have mass healing), or do they all die eventually, no matter what?

I was thinking about a Necro/Monk or a Monk/Necro who would keep a few low level minions in tow in addition to being a primary healer, but if I need to keep refreshing them, it'd probably be more worth my time to just be a full healer with smiting or something on the side.

29-05-2005, 21:12
It isn't exponential, it's just over the course of time they keep getting a larger negative HPR until it eventually reaches -10. At that point they fade real fast, and nothing short of Verata's Sacrifice will save them (that spell gives +10 HPR to all minions for a while). I've timed it, and without combat and external healing, a bone horror will last 52 seconds. Bone minions are slightly tougher at the same level, so I would assume they last a bit longer, and bone fiends are much tougher so I would guess they last the longest. Either way though, they shouldn't last longer than a minute and a half without healing.

30-05-2005, 05:58
I don't have a source to confirm it, but I'd heard that unlike us, minions have a -20 degen cap, as some people have used Sacrifice and STILL had their minions dying. Still, Sacrifice & Breeze can keep them alive for a long time...

The degradation seems to be linear, and constant regardless of level. Get those horrors up to level 18 if you really want them to last, so they'll have 440 HP.