View Full Version : Secondary Profession changing?

30-05-2005, 01:47
If i change my Mo/E's second proffesional to W by doing the changing proffesion quest, and then change back to E do i loose all my E skill and have to collect them again or do i still have them?

I dont know which proffesion to use so i want to test diffrent ones but dont want to collect the skills all over again.

And does anyone know if the changing skill quest are harder and loonger that ordinary quests?

30-05-2005, 10:48
i haven't done any of those quests, but there was a thread on this topic not so long ago, and this is how it was basically summed up.

Apparently the change profession quests are pretty tough, though certainly not unbeatable.

When you change professions, the skills you had for your previous secondary are still "found", and still unlocked, you just can't use or access them because they're not for one of your two professions. If you don't like your new profession, or you're just doing it to unlock more for pvp or whatever, and you switch back, they'll all still be there.

Likewise, apparently if you were a secondary ranger, and you had a pet, it'll come back too when you switch back to being a ranger. hope that helps.


30-05-2005, 20:26
Tough? I think not. Easily done in 10 or less minutes with henchmen. Most of them require you to kill a mob + boss. If you are level 20, this shouldn't be ae problem