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30-05-2005, 09:04
why why why???

why are mesmers always underestimated by they other proffessions?

and why do warriors and monks think they are the best? :confused: i don't think that warriors are that important cause most of them think they are the best and get killed straight away.

(p.s DON'T ever get in a team with a warrior that said he was a tank cause they are always the worst.)

30-05-2005, 09:27
Warriors and monks (though not the combination of the two) ARE the best, but at seperate things. A warrior can take a beating like nobody's business. No other class can claim to take single digit damage from physical attacks all the way up to Sanctum Cay. Monks heal the best, plain and simple. The most health in one cast for less energy required than any other class (simply because of Divine Favour. With 12 points in that, even Mend Ailment is an adequate heal).

Mesmers are the unsung, unseen heroes of the battle. The ones who work behind the scenes doing apparently nothing but actually robbing enemies of strength and stopping spells from decimating their team. Rangers too, but at least you know who's attacking when a ranger attacks. A mesmer attacking could be confused with the monk (which has happened, and I've caught flak (http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=flak) because the tanks thought I was attacking when I wasn't, and it was actually the mesmer who had an identical shot. But I'll attack if I bloody well feel like it, monk or no...).

30-05-2005, 14:48
a) my mesmer has been using earth armor for a long time. If needed, I tank too.

b) WHO CARES???? Why do you care what other people think? Do you always look to others for validation? Ooooh, dandimonium, u r teh uber! That better?

Seriously, in games with focus fire it's best to go unnoticed.


P.S. ...and if none of that dissuades you, well, you could be a ranger. :-)

30-05-2005, 15:04
unnoticed is good, you dont have every noob team saying we want a mes

very nice thing im an e/me (more mes with energy storage and some pyro)

31-05-2005, 00:19
-some- of the players (that is, most of the powergamers who were in the ring of fire while we were still in kryta) don't understand much about what the different professions are capable of. however, i have to say i haven't noticed much at all of this sort of thinking. the w/mo's i've grouped with are strategically inclined, the groups are perfectly willing to reject join requests until we get a mesmer (well, we got bored of waiting because there WEREN'T any, and settled for a necro/ranger, but you get the idea), and overall i've had quite a pleasant time.

i think i'm a member of the second or third wave, that is, those of us for whom our highest characters just recently ascended.