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30-05-2005, 21:07
Lots of enemies who hit hard and fast. Without protection the healing is virtually useless. After my first hours in FoW and UW, I came up with this:

Mo/Xx [P/H]

Divine Favor: 12
Protection: 12
Healing Prayers: 13

1. Word of Healing
2. Heal Other
3. Signet of Devotion (truthfully: lack of useful other spell)
4. Protective Spirit
5. Reversal of Fortune (through DivFav: selfhealing spell if need be)
6. Guardian (instead of Aegis, not as good but cheap and spammable)
7. Essence Bond (hope the tank gets many hits)
8. Rebirth (ultimate PvE res spell and possible 1K entree fee saver :P )

Another healer in the group would be nice, but then again, its almost necessary ot there. Essence bond over life bond because when the going gets tough, you need energy. Cast two essence bonds if need be. Protective spirit is for everyone whos bound to get attacked the next few seconds, since its easy to get for +200 damage. Hard to heal against that. Guardian is no garantueed life-saver, but a missed attack doesnt need healing, all the better. Since heal other heals for 161 and above that the bonus of DivFav, ditto for reversal of fortune, maybe another elite can be taken. Shield of judgement comes to mind.

Tell me what you think, I found it to be quite effective. Although i used Aegis in my runs, i find it to soak up too much energy because of characters who dont benefit from it (arent getting attacked physically). Guardian is cheaper, spammable and protects 6% less.

30-05-2005, 21:28
Ward Against Melee would protect better, costing 10 energy for a good 12-14 seconds average (8 Earth isn't that unreasonable, and it'll make it last about 13 seconds), granting all those in it's area of influence 50% dodge rate versus melee. And melee is most of what you see in the underworld.

30-05-2005, 22:26

i have been in several groups where i have been the only healer, not done too badly. ward against melee is a must have.

your build would eat energy like anything... no energy = dead team.

31-05-2005, 00:27
indeed, energy is a major problem if youre the only healer. Thats why i included the signet, cuz it heals for 66hp per 7 secs total. Nice to throw in between. And ive put in essence bond. Two enemies pounding one ally with EB (ideal situation, i know) and suddenly cooldown is the limiting factor. Ok, replace guardian with ward of melee and put 8 points into earth. Looks promising, ill go test it ^^

01-06-2005, 05:11
How did you manage that many attribute points....runes?

Ante Gotovina
01-06-2005, 10:05
try aegis and divine spirit maybe

Miss Ainia
01-06-2005, 20:40
How did you manage that many attribute points....runes?

Obviously.. since 12 is max without runes / helm.. :P

01-06-2005, 23:09
That build is not possible. You don't get that many attribute points. If you max out 2 (ignoring runes), then you only have enough points to get 3 or 4 into another stat, not 12.
If you just get your main two to 11, then you can do 11, 11, 3 and 4.

02-06-2005, 12:50
11/10/10 without runes/helm = 199/200 attribute points used.
You can get 15/13/13 or 14/14/13 using superior Runes and a helm.

This build is posible :)