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30-05-2005, 21:30
Keeping in mind the trend of air eles attacking the monks. Not saying this is a viable counter, but not doing this build made me rather useless in battle when they were in the opposite team. This is my build, among others inspired by other threads on the board:


12 Divine Favor
11 Protection (major rune)
11 Healing Prayers (superior rune)
8 Earth Magic

1. Word of Healing [E]
2. Reversal of Fortune
3. Protective Spirit
4. Ward against elements
5. Armor of Earth
6. Earthquake
7. Remove hex
8. Ressurection signet

Protective spirit for whomever is getting the lightning surge, probably me or another monk. Pray youre on time. Reversal of fortune (attack+divfav bonus) is my only self healing spell and again protection against lightning orbs/surges. Ward speaks for itself, again against air eles. Armor for whenever the warriors come for you, although its not offcourse that usefull. 33% slower movement results in more hits, but 43 armor is nice.

Earthquake. Havent even used it properly yet, never got the time or energy. I think this is a mistake. The reason behind it is the fact that it a)knocks down and b) exhausts. Plus 65 earth damage. All this to counter the elementalists themself. Then again, it takes 3 seconds to cast, uses 25 energy and its an AoE spell, so its situational.

Remove hex because youll cry when you need it and you didnt brought it. No smite hex since no smiting. Ress signet. Never during a PvP battle was I in a position when i thought, hey, lets spend the next six seconds casting a spell while the air eles sit back and relax. So maybe ress or rebirth or restore life is useful, i havent gotten around to it.

Tactics: youre playing two games: the redbar game and the detect the lightning surge/orb bang. These two things are your only cue to act. Whenever you see a redbar going down, pray the character in question is near enough for you to heal him. Pray it isnt caused by LS. I say pray, because in fairly unorganized PUGs and no TS, warriors might suddenly decide to take out the enemy priest without mentioning it to me ^^

Again, since im a noob at PvP, i maybe have said strange or impossible things, I dont know. PvP is hard when youre like me, doing it only with PUGs. When facing guilds its almost a sure death. Ive had some wins, but mostly loses. Good thing is, im exited to continue, despite the thrash-talkers and megalomaniacs :P

Critize me!

30-05-2005, 22:17
its an interesting idea, but there are some things i could criticise :o

earthquake - 25 energy and exhausts you... hmm
its my belief that monks should keep to healing/protecting, and take no skills for damage. even for pure smiting, you really should go elementalist primary, because you dont need divine favor.

smite hex is better than remove hex. simple reason, because it has a faster cast. by the time your 2 second cast for remove hex completes, you remove a blocking hex spammed at the last second, such as phantasm. no points in smiting doesnt matter, your not concerned with the damage it deals.

for your only direct heal spell, word has such a long cooldown. so you cant even call yourself a backup healer really. depends if you are going for an all-out air ele defender though.

ward against elements will help a little, but really shouldnt be needed if you use protective spirit and reversal of fortune at the right time.

armor of earth effectively turns you into a tank and is a great skill

res signet is the only res a monk should carry (10 second casting spells are useless to a monk who must keep the party alive). protective spirit and reversal of fortune are very effective in these situations also, but 90% of protection monks will have these.

edit: and another thing, you would have 405 hp with those runes. superior/major runes are overkill with a monk in my opinion. considering you could easily have 530 hp without the runes.

30-05-2005, 23:37
for pvp, monks shouldn't be one the resing. i think remove hex is a pretty bad spell with a 2 second cast and 7 recharge.

11 healing/10 protection/10 divine favor

1. orison of healing
2. reversal of fortune
3. heal other/healing breeze/healing seed
4. protective spirit/aegis
5. life bond
6. mark of protection[E]/spell breaker [E]
7. mend ailment
8. remove hex/hex breaker(even with 0 into domination the skill can last up to 60 secs)

even though i despise remove hex i can't think of a better hex remove spell. inspired hex has a recharge of 20 seconds and shatter hex cost 15 energy with 10 second recharge.