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31-05-2005, 05:48
I did it today with all henchmen and only had 1 death throughout the entire mission (if u don't count the fight with Glint.) I only was able to do it by casting Heal Party every 5-10 seconds to counter the -3 regen, while the Healer henchman kept the team alive from any other sources of damage. To the point, is there anyway to beat this with 1 healer? Seems like it's way too easy to run out of energy. Perhaps a Necromancer with Blood Ritual would work, any other ideas?

Silver Friar
31-05-2005, 06:27
Depends on secondary class.. if Mesmer, you could steal energy & recover some of it back but that wouldn't do much.. I can't directly answer question but it was me and another monk too in the mission.. heal party = essential yes :D (so in other words, unsure if possible.)

31-05-2005, 07:31
If each player has their own self heals, it would make it much much easier and possible with one Monk. Warriors use Signet of Healing every half a minute or so. Rangers have Troll Unguent. Elementalists use Aura of Restoration, which could keep them up as long as they keep casting. Mesmers have Ether Feast. Necromancers have Soul Feast.

31-05-2005, 11:43
I was in a party as the only primary monk (and said that it would be tough but they replied that they wouldn't blame me if it failed), but it turned out to be the best group I had been in ever (and probably still to date), we went on to kill glint as well...

Just because I was the only primary monk though didn't mean that the other party members skimped on their share of the healing...

The necro brough well of blood (reversing the health degen), the renger bought fertile season, the warriors took mending and breeze and also did some emergency party healing too.

Hell, if all the warriors bought healing signet with them, even at 0 tactics, they would be at +3hp every 6 seconds compared with the previous 6 seconds...

Then when it came to glint, being a protection monk it was a relative breeze, considering all the heals the rest of the party were able to use (and shown they were keen to use)...

31-05-2005, 11:48
its not too bad...

i have managed it as the only healer. it is just so easy, and can be completed in about 5 mins max.