View Full Version : my awkward build

31-05-2005, 06:34
I have an awkward build I've been trying to use in both pvp and pve and I want to have some suggestions.


Level 18 <--------------------------- Important

Fast Casting: 12

Domination: 10

Energy Burn
Chaos Storm
Shatter Enchantment
Shatter Hex
Whirling Defense
Ressurection Signet

What I've been trying to do is rezz with the signet, and use whirling defense for when I get in troube (is better then distortion for me), the shatters are for keeping casters busy as well as nuking, backfire and shame to counter casters, chaos storm on meleeing warriors because they rarely notice it, and energy burn as my general damage dealer.

I think I may be too anti-caster, and I'm not sure if only having 2 spell lists is right. Please help my highest I've gone in the gladiatorial arenas is 12 when I was with 3 rangers.

Nobleman Azure
31-05-2005, 08:44
given the limited 8 skill skillbar, its preferrable to focus on one type of nulling, would you like to null melee or casters? Right now you lean towards support because of both the shatters and caster nulling.

IMO you have too much on fast cast, you need those points for inspiration to regain energy or you will be stuck attacking for a long time in PVP