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01-06-2005, 03:24
Hi all,

Now my Me/Mo 12 in Borlis Pass (do all quest) [monk just need resurrection only]

I want to train a pure Memser, I don't want to be a MONK-memser or ELE-memser or N-memser (sth like that)

Fast Casting is good in Memser(I like it), should be 8 lv I think
so how to make Fast Casting more useful?

Someone said second profession to be monk, rez will be faster (seems good), or to be elementalist, fast casting firestorm-like spells (but, will be elemenatlist, I don't like to be a non-memser type)

any tips for a good "PVE" Memser? such as:
1. which 8 hotkey skills are the best?
2. if monk is not a good second profession, which one is better?
3. if change second professsion in desert's quest, is it hard or not?
4. any other good tips

Nobleman Azure
01-06-2005, 06:29
1. there is no BEST in this game, each skill has its luster on a situation, and its up to you to help create this situation. In other words, there is no best 8 skills but there is a best way to combine skills to maximize effectivity. I can't list them all theres ALOT, some for DOT, some for anti cast, some for anti melee etc.

2. Monk doesn't suit very well as a second profession for mesmer, the rest works well, pick one each one of em is as good as the other.

3. Not hard if you dont rush and kill, it requires pulling in some of them.

4. Well since you havent specified what kinda mesmer you want to be, the best universal advice is, run when you are being stabbed by melee, there is no reason that justifies soaking up that kind of damage =D

A good PVE mesmer is hard to make because in PVE, the main thing is eitehr surviving or damage. But I suppose loading up on domination spells or a fastcasting fire mesmer would be something that could take on huge mobs with a tank

01-06-2005, 07:13
I don't know, I think monk works alright as a second class. I've been a Me/Mo the whole game and I haven't had too many problems. Though one thing, if you do choose monk as a secondary, I think smiting is way better than healing. I found it was fairly effective when traveling with henchmen to use smiting skills to deal with melee and mesmer skills for dealing with casters.

It's up to you though.

Of course you could always get in a party that wants you to be their primary/secondary healer just be cause you are a monk (that was kind of annoying)...

I haven't tested out the other class combinations so I can't say which is the best.

Also fast casting is more effective on spells with longer cast times according to the gwonline site. So to make it more effective, use spells with longer cast times so it will have a larger benifit. Then again, there is a downside to this as well since you end up having no quick spells.