View Full Version : godlike caster, amazing tank (best E/W build), possibly best solo build

Hari Iyer
01-06-2005, 04:20

Earth Magic 9
Energy Storage 9
Swordsmanship: 12


Aura of restoration
Earth Attunment
Ward against melee (allows you to tank!)
Obsidian Flame
Stone daggers
Kinetic Armor


Head: Stones Eye 60 defense
Chest: Aeromancer’s robes with rune of major earth magic, 60 defense
Legs: Geomancers leggings with rune of major vigor 60 defense
Feet: Hydromancer’s Boots with rune of major energy storage 60 defense
Gloves: Pyromancer’s robes with rune of superior vigor 60 defense

Attributes after bonuses from armor:
Earth Magic: 12
Energy Storage 11 – not maxing this out will only cost you 3 to your max energy, no biggie
Swordsmanship 12

Weapon: Any Max damage sword with
really good ratio vamp or zealous hilt
and a fortitude grip,
and a +x% damage while ENCHANTED mod(x = 10-15)

Shield: Scroll/artifact with +12 energy, an additional +15 energy, and +30 health, -1 energy regen (you wont need energy regen with earth attunment)

The genius of it: This is a build that will almost never run out of mana, has insane damage potential, and is also an exceptional tank, consider the following

Aura of restoration: heals you for 350% of the energy cost of every spell u use while under the aura’s effect (use a 5 energy spell, heals you for 17 health, 25 energy spell, heals you for 90 health!!!) lasts 60 seconds, since this is an enchantment, it will also give you a damage boost b/c of your sword
Earth Attunment: this is key, since many of the spells cause exhaustion, this will greatly lower the effect by giving you back 30% of the energy cost of each spell u use
Ward against Melee: Gives 50% chance to evade melee attacks for 18 seconds, makes tanking a breeze
Obsidian flame: 100 damage, 5 energy cost, almost no recharge time ‘nuff said, causes exhaustion, but with earth attunement no need to worry! IT ALSO IGNORES TARGET'S ARMOR!!!!
Stone daggers: Nice staple spell, can be used as opposed to attacking melee, also good way to spam heal if you have aura of restoration on
Earthquake: 25 mana, quite a bit, 90 damage all around and knocks down, use aftershock immediately after this to spam over 200 damage in less than 5 seconds!!!!
Aftershock: 80 damage all around, knocked down foes an additional 50 damage! Only 10 mana
Kinetic Armor: adds 24 armor, makes tanking easy, only lasts 8 seconds, but gets renewed (for 8 more seconds) every time you use a spell! So pair this with a spell like obsidian flame or stone daggers (low recharge/cast time spells)

You'll probably have over 100 energy, and a nice amount of hp, plus with the zealous/vamp sword it wont go down too fast, this is basically one of the best possible characters

S my D
01-06-2005, 04:39
I registered jsut to tell you this.... Minor runes don't stack

You won't get +1 from each minor rune, only +1 total.

Hari Iyer
01-06-2005, 04:42
o man that sucks

01-06-2005, 04:43
What he said. There are many flaws with this, especially maxing out an attribute only to not use skills from it. Wtf?

Just a word of the wise, saying things like "Godlike", ending sentences with !!!! and bolding stuff, as well as saying "this is basically one of the best possible characters" will get you no where here.

Have fun getting this destroyed by the intelligent people. :happy34:

Hari Iyer
01-06-2005, 04:46
the reason for the 12 swordsmanship is so u have high base damage with a sword.

01-06-2005, 04:48
Have fun getting this destroyed by the intelligent people. :happy34:

Sadly hes not talking about me :( .

In other news it is to help keep balance so that someone cant keep stack runes that will upgrade HP's or skill points to a huge lvl. Runes are nice they way they are.

01-06-2005, 06:30
If you aren't going to use sword skills it isn't worth the 12 points. You aren't hitting for enough damage to justify the bonuses on the normal E weapons

Why would you never run out of mana?

01-06-2005, 07:14
u need to use different skills from both professions to get the a good pvp character. Basically you should just do 12 earth, 8 storage, 8 lightning or something. At least that way u can use more skills. Or just earth base. Having +12 swords and not use one skill from that tree is a bit of a waste. Seeing how sword is one of the best pvp weapon, you should at least use sever artery + gash or something.

IMO, E/W should use hammer for knockdown + aftershock. Maybe make W/E because elementalists look whacked using a big hammer? But maybe she wont have enough energy? I dunno because I havent tried, but I will once my w/mo can reselect a seconday profession.

All I know is, sword and earth arent very good together, no synergies.