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01-06-2005, 06:43
I think this may be a stretch of the imagination, however I am determined to make a decent PvP Necromancer simply because a Primary Necromancer fits the specific "mindset" of many players. Arguably, I do agree on the point that mesmers do the job of Necro/Mesmers just as well (Or even better), however, I don't want to be running around in spandex as I support my team or do whatever job assigned to me. I want to have the image of a real cultist, a necromancer!

I was doing tomb of the primevil kings today, and the thing I noticed was, first of all, necromancers are the least targeted enemies in the entire playing field. I was playing a premade character (the minionmancer) and the fact was I had no healing abilities, no extreme debuffs, just a couple of minion spells. I was just playing around, so obviously, I didn't have PvP tools with me, but the thing was, with that sort of attention, I believe necromancers really can play the role of the overlord. I see alot of good abilities that a Necro/Mesmer, WHATEVER, profession could use to really annoy and supress the opposing team.

So... I guess my question really boils down to this... I really do want to make a necro for PvE, which will probably be a minionmancer with death nova goodness, but when it comes to PvP, I will be a Necro/Mesmer, (Because Necros are badasses, and Mesmers....are phantom of the operas...they aren't bad though :D ) So what skills and attributes would be fit the role of the surpressor/casterkiller/enfeebler type character?


01-06-2005, 17:23
well, look at the list of skills.

curses has 2 skills that steal life every time someone attacks. i believe another that makes the player miss 25% of the time.

mesmer has a skill that makes the player miss 25% of the time, and gives you energy each time they miss.

also another that makes them take damage each time they miss.. and another that makes them do an aoe energy/adrenaline drain each time they attack.

necro also has some horrible dots. combine the hexing dots you can layer, with soul barbs (does damage with each hex) and the mesmer hexes you can stack on..

you can whollop both casters and meleers.

or, you can make your team do insane damage with order of the vampire and order of pain (i think it is called.) course, that requires a hefty life sacrifice.

01-06-2005, 17:37
Ok! thanks for the great tips, but the problem I think I might be facing, is what skills to actually take into Hall of Heroes. Right now, I see monks are seriously problem, and so are casters, so anything that would make them less...."able" would really work into a build.

So I guess it would be time to start putting it into a build right?

ummm, I'm more experienced in the mesmer playing field so I would start with that first....

1.) Backfire to help disable I would assume... It is annoying when they don't pay attention, and when they do... it's still a "hold back" kind of thought that occurs.

2.) Diversion. Spamming this on people suck as monks really screws them over when some of their spells get longer to cast... I think it would work since as a monk in HoH, alot of them are under constant barrage from enemy warriors, so they constantly have to heal themselves and others, no time to spare.

I guess that's all I can think of for mesmers... How about necros :)

James Page
01-06-2005, 18:36
I haven't ever seen it in use before, but you might want to try out Tainted Flesh (I think that's what it's called, anyway) on monks so they can't heal themselves. Either that or go Blood Magic for the spell that eats enchants (Strip Enchantment, maybe?) and Mark of Subversion (only bad thing is the long recharge time).

It seems like you could really rack up a lot of damage quickly with Soul Barbs on a N/Me - there are tons of anti-tank hexes (empathy, pacifism, price of failure, life siphon) and tons of anti-caster/monk hexes (backfire, Mark of subversion, etc.).

Railen Shatterskull
01-06-2005, 18:48
Nec/Mes characters can shut down a monk (or any caster) in no time. I like targetting the monk (or caster du jour), and using the following on them:

1. Energy Burn
2/3. Mesmer interrupts (power leak/power spike/power block)
4. Cry of frustration
5. Diversion (or Arcane Theivery, just because it's funny to be that annoying, plus you disable an important spell every once in a while that way)

And after you've got the healer more or less incapacitated, use this on the tanks:
6. Shadow of fear
7. Rend Enchantments
8. Enfeebling blood

Basically, as a nec/mes, you won't be doing much damage by yourself, but you can really screw up an opposing team's offense and defense. The whole idea behind this setup is drain the caster's energy, and don't let them get a spell off. Do be careful (or substitute whatever you prefer) with these skills, though, since there is no self-healing spell and two spells that drain your health. If you're thinking of trying something like this, and only have one monk in your group, you might want to substitute vampiric gaze or soul feast in there to help heal you so you don't become an energy sink for the monk.

01-06-2005, 19:12
I just saw a really good korean team fighting up agaisnt me, and while I was dead, I decided to watch their only necromancer. What she did was Life Siphon, Transfer Life, and Defile Flesh (So they only healed 2/3 as much). And surprisingly... she annoyed a ton of people haha and that's only 3 skills that could kill.

I think the mesmer route would be nice if I could go with preventing them from wanting to heal, or being able to heal efficiently. Therefore, I don't want to devote 2 spells to interruption, because I have to be able to multitask and not concentrate solely on monk spells (many of which are instacast) SO I think Diversion, Backfire, and maybe something like Echo or something would be good... cry of frustration fro one interrupt :)

02-06-2005, 04:46
Ok, I think I have a nice build that I would be comfortable with that still plays the part of a caster killer. A necromancer is the gaurdian of the balance of life and death right?

Well monks = too much life, needs more dieing... so I came up with this build.


Blood 10 (Without any bonuses, 12 with em)
Curse 8-9 (Changeable with Soul Reaping)
Soul Reaping (Changeable with Curse)
Domination 9 (Without bonuses)

So what I have skill wise seems to be a good choice which I'll explain after wards

1.) Backfire
2.) Diversion
3.) Transfer Life (Elite)
4.) Siphon Life
5.) Mark of Subversion
6.) Malaise
7.) I dunno
8.) Rez Signet

First of all, backfire. It seems to me, the best way in killing a monk, is to make is so that healing won't have any benefit, and neither will healing anyone else. Although ten seconds isn't too long, that's ten seconds he has to wait out, or try to remove, and in the frantic playing of PvP or HoH, the fact is, it'll take a while. Backfire also is a strong deterrent from casting spells. Sure he could heal, but boy is it gonna hurt. (This is applicable to elementalist who just love to spam ouch spells on you)

Diversion makes it so that when warriors are ganging up on a elementalist or monk, you are able to make it so that their key skills are often unavailable. At 38 second recast... that orizon of healing isn't going to be cast alot. You've seen those crazy mages and monk who like to reversal of fortune every second they get and heal every second they get. Well diversion makes it so every second for 6 seconds they want to heal that damage, it is denied for half a minute longer. With a little work on timing, I'm sure I could get it down so that it is annoying.

Life Transfer and Siphon Life. I almost gaurantee you that in the frenzy of 8vs8 PvP, people will be busy trying to do their assigned task, heal, do damage, chase the monk, sit there, WHATEVER. This is when you slap down a -10 degeneration on them, (Either a monk, or the person you intend to kill ((and by kill, I mean assist kill))) I haven't experienced Life Transfer yet, but I imagine it'll be extremely effective in putting the pressure on people. Siphon life is just the same. Sometimes you can't depend on the monks on your team to heal you seeing as they are swamped by 3-4 warriors each haha.

Mark of Subversion is like another diversion and is just another way to screw with casters. I think all of these *If he casts in 8 seconds, he get's messed up and you win!* spells are slightly nice with proper planning.

Malaise is a nice curse that I should be able to sustain well with Life Siphon and Transferlife. Honestly, I think it would be more of an annoyance factor than anything on a monk or elementalist or caster. You've drained them of some essential energy, and the first second they get to cast that 5 mana Orizon of Healing, you've already planned your diversion.

Ehhhhh one more I dunno what to do with

Rez Signet for extra precaution :) Because we can NEVER be too safe.

My attributes in blood will be high enough to get that -3 degen and regen on Siphon, and everything else is strong enough to work. Soul reaping is something really nice in 8vs8 Pvp. Depending on how strong you team is, you should be getting nice hits in mana.

On a closing note however, I am slightly new to necromancers and longterm high skill PVP. I have been in Tomb of the King and other battles and arena, I have a level 20 monk and I've PVPed with them. I see the usefullness of the skills listed and I have used most of the mesmer ones and necromancer ones, but in no way does that mean I am the most skilled necromancer or player out there. Any critiques would be extremely appreciate, but please keep them constructive and supportive!

Keep in mind this necro's sole goal is to keep pressure on all casters and all enemies possible. Transfer life and Siphon can put the squeeze on who to heal, while all the other spells are designed to make healing or casting hard.