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01-06-2005, 09:13
Farming in the sense of:
- going one easy place
- kill lots of easy monsters with an uber build
- walk away with tons of superior runes and uber weapon+armor
is NOT possible anymore! Get it through your thick skulls people.

There are only a handful of locations that give BETTER than any other spot, some you MIGHT even consider a GOOD farming location, but it still involves some work on your part. These locations, for fear of the nerfing wrath of Anet, will probably NEVER be discussed here on a public forum ever again. Lets make sure history does not repeat itself.

To those of us who DO know a 'GOOD farming location': KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! Brag here about it for all I care, but do not release the location if you have any shred of decency left. You can even post HOW you do it, youre only exposing yourself, but do not give out a location. Else it will be nerfed, because the so-called 'economy' has to flourish in this fictional world.

And here is something for you new people looking for the uber-1337 farming spot for infinte wealth+12: all 'good farming locations' have been discovered by, god you'll hate me now, EXPLORING!!! Yes, its a FILTHY word that involves some work on your part! It means in uber-1337 terms that your evening meal isnt distributed by an army of fateful mothers, who always have dinner ready for you at the exact moment that we're at the end of a coop mission and we actually need a tanking wamo! All good spots can be found by exploring! Remember those good old days of exploring the lands of an RPG to find a new bossy and new goodies and such? Its not a fable, it can be done here too! Just take your character, and explore this beautiful land. If you cant handle it alone, grab some friends, grab some henchies and explore. As soon as you reach a place where you think the enemies give good drops, try to figure out a way of defeating them by yourself, with ANY character you can come up with. Do so, and check out the loot. If there are 5 rare super weapons lying at your feet, youre probably at a good spot. If not, move on, dont be sad. Trial & Error (another hideous concept, i know).

Or instead of boring farming, you can do something slightly less boring: do RUNS! Yes, I like the trend of runs. Drake runs, hill giant runs, what not runs. // For the record if there even is one: I consider it a run when you start from one place, go somewhere else, kill everything in your path and see what you get. If ou find a good place, then you start farming there.\\ Run of a mission: solo Gates of Kryta if your weak, Elona/Thirsty if you're strong. They give nice items. They give nice gold. Its a start. Move on from there. You already have gained experience. Try to clear out whole areas of enemies with just one char. You'll find you have plenty of 'nice' items. Ettins, tengu, Avicara, skeletons, sometimes even mergoyles, they all have a change of giving something good. Want max dmg weapons? Youll need to take your running to higher grounds. Outside droknars, find enemies you can take on by yourself and do so. They will yield drops. Dont like them? Move on. And suddenly *POOF* gold stuff at your feet, superior rune unlocked. Hmm, just lucky? Lets try again: more gold! Well well well, that wasnt so hard, now was it? //I've found a golden Hale Smiting Staff of Warding, +10 energy 11-22 light dmg, 15% chance improving casting smiting.pr., health+25, armor+6 with a merchant value of 324 gold, ON A BOG SKALE!!!!!!!! I kid you not people.

I'll end the rant by saying two things: I have some farming locations found through exploring/stumbling upon and I will not give them away. And I like George Carlin ^^

Gl&Hf :)

Transit Fades
01-06-2005, 13:47
thank you......<3

01-06-2005, 17:56
I can't believe I read all of that :eek:

Messengr Of Chaos
01-06-2005, 23:52
lol i cant believe i read all that too. *sigh* :( im not even at the lvl to farm. but i agree with you...even tho its gonna make everyone start to panic, altho they will anyways if arenanet changes the farming area

02-06-2005, 08:32
runs is farming
soloing missions just to get loot is farming
basicly you are saying farming is bad but instead of farming one should go farming in a slightly diff manner
drake runs got nerfed
won't be long till giant runs will be nerfed aswell

02-06-2005, 13:04

02-06-2005, 14:47
Very inspiring Zuvio...infact you've actually motivated me to go out and try to farm! :)

03-06-2005, 01:31
Lo & Behold, the new game update (de)nerfed many locations. Ok, we had it coming. Now there are still some more places to go, but for the love of god DONT MENTION THEM ON FORUMS!!!! Brag ingame if need be, just go punch a punchingbag if you feel the urge of exposing good places.

03-06-2005, 04:31
I've tried exploring but haven't found any good spots :( I can never find a good way to make gold, and im always stuck with the armor i started the game with.

03-06-2005, 06:16
You're naive if you think ANet can't figure it out on their own without having to troll through these forums. Farming spots will get nerfed, whether you tell them or not... it is just a matter of time.