View Full Version : Curious Idea; Unsure if it'll Work

02-06-2005, 01:10
Okay, here's the basic scenario. Me and my brother were thinking of something that could deal widespread damage very quickly, and we came up with the following idea:

Imagine a Ranger, followed by four Necromancers. Two monks and a Warrior finish off the party. I know it's heavily imbalanced with lack of warriors and elementalists, but hear me out. I'm just curious if this would work. The prime concern anyways is the Ranger and the four Necromancers.

The PvP match starts up and the Necromancers use Mark of Pain on all nearby enemies. From there on out, nearby enemies will also take damage from them when they take damage. Now if the Ranger starts spamming Barrage, what will the consequences be for the other team? Technically, this could easily be countered if the team split up, but in further grudge matches like the King of the Hill where it's just a big mess up on the top, I can see a lot of damage being done, and the enemy Monks going crazy trying to heal all their allies.

Could this team build be realized? I highly doubt that it could work in an actual scenario, but the concept is kind of interesting.

Torm Shadowbane
02-06-2005, 03:17
I don't think it'd actually work, but I really have to ask -- why would it need to be four primary necromancers?

02-06-2005, 03:49
Well, you're right there, it totally doesn't. They can be Warrior/Necromancer, Elementalist/Necromancer, Mesmer/Necromancer, whatever the hell they want, but they have to have Mark of Pain. Four might be a bit much, but since the point is to have the damage quick and upfront, and since Mark of Pain has a 30 second cooldown time, having a couple extra Necromancers (Primary or Secondary, I guess I should have specified) would make that job much easier. Heck, a few Ranger/Necromancers or Necromancer/Rangers would be ideal, now that I think about it.