View Full Version : warrior/mesmer build for anti lightning and monk

02-06-2005, 04:22
12 inpiration
12 sword
5 illusion

1 Arcane Conundrum
2 Flurry
3 Pure strike
4 Seeking blade
5 Skull crack
6 Ether Lord
7 Mantra of Lightning
8 Ressurection Signet

Arcane conundrum so that you can double their casting times right off the bat to set up for skull crack daze effect. Ether lord for 9 seconds of 3 extra ticks of energy regen so you can use energy useage weapon skills. Mantra of lightning for 45% dmg reduction and 1 energy against lightning.

Skull crack is for using after you got arcane conundrum on them and want to extend the double casting time thing and make them dazed. Dazed condition makes it so that your attacks interrupt so if you pair it up with flurry you should start interrupting orison of healing and whatnot as the 1 second cast has been doubled to 2. And the 2 second cast time of orb of lightning to 4, lightning strike from 1 to 2, gale's 1 cast time to 2, and chain lightning from 2 to 4. Pure strike cant be evaded if you are not using flurry and seeking blade causes bleeding and extra dmg if they evade.

I chose sword because it had the most numerous energy requiring skills with lowest recharge. + the no evading deal seems boss to use against ward against melee or blind. The reason I tried not to take adrenal skills other then skull crack is so you can have skull crack available.

The only thing I'm concerned about is whether the guy would cause enough dmg. He might need a judge's insight cast on him so he can penetrate armour and make flurry do some dmg.

Haven't tried this out. I'm just thinking up crazy things. I was wondering... if warriors job is to beeline at the mages/healers anyway why don't they have mesmer subjobs?

02-06-2005, 08:17
BTW considering the build is interrupting your main target once they have dazed on them try throwing ether lord on another target so someone else get stuck with losing 3 energy regen and your main target can't cast due to interrupts.

Another thought though, there's nothing to stop the dazed target from running away in my build. :lol:

02-06-2005, 14:12
Another thought though, there's nothing to stop the dazed target from running away in my build. :lol:

Yes which is why you should replace one of those skills with hamstring I think if you're aiming just for anti caster.

The only problem you'll have is that your damage is going to be down right terrible.

Another suggestion though would be to replace mantra of lightning with element resistance. Sure it'll lower your pysical armor some, but you're a warrior with 80+20 to pysical so it's not a big lose. I've tested that element resistance before in 4vs4 arena and had fire mages hit me with mind burn for 10x2 damage instead of 40ishx2. Big differance, lets you last against all mages and not just lightning.

02-06-2005, 21:46
But how effective would an 40 extra armour be though against 25% armour penetration? Mantra of lightning reduces dmg and gives you energy.

Hmm.... how about removing arcane conundrum as dazed would already double casting time so there's no use in having two of the same things and replace it with hamstring. Replace pure strke with Final Thrust. This is so you can also do something else with the adrenaline once you get off skull crack and do some damage.

inspiration 10
sword 11
strength 10

1 Hamstring
2 Flurry
3 Final Thrust
4 Seeking blade
5 Skull crack
6 Ether Lord
7 Mantra of lightning
8 Ressurection Signet

I'd like to rely on mantra of lightning to gain energy and keep pure strike but that would require that the air elementalists attack the warrior/mesmser. Also, pure strike does not have the no evade ability if you are using flurry.

Does this seem like a more functional build?

I feel like I'm picking apart my own build :lol: Oh well thinking aloud is fun.

03-06-2005, 09:24
i wouldnt put in final thrust since you lose all adrenaline. dazed only lasts for 15 secs so you probably want to keep on the guy and letting it loose.

you should keep arcane conundrum to help score a hit with skull crack, dont want 10 adrenaline going to waste, especially against a monk.

you should probably replace the rez signet with hamstring since its not your job to rez. instead you should be annoying the monk.

for damage, you're gonna have to rely on a teammate to boost it with a skill.