View Full Version : N/M build, please help me on it.

02-06-2005, 04:32
1+1 soul reaping
10+2 blood magic
11+1 curses
10 illusion

life siphon
shadow strike
vampiric gaze
parasitic bond
conjure phantasm
soothing imagaes
life transfer (elite)

Life siphon for obvious reasons
shadow strike for to gain some edge (and direct dmg, 41)
campiric gaze heals and does nice dmg, 52
faintheartedness slows atk rate and degans for 29 secs
parasitic bond adds another arrow and can heal for 102
conure phantasm, another 5 arrows for 10 secs
soothing images to shutdown warriors
life transfer just owns, 7 arrows of degan for 11 and u get 7 regan arrows

i was thinking that i have too many DOT's, so if you have any advice, please tell meh

EDIT: should I go inspiration instead of illusion? (ether feast and energy tap)