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02-06-2005, 18:09
Hi all, specially the Necros :cool:

This thread is dedicated to the players that want to be in the front line of a combat and want to use nukes instead of melee damage.

Forgive my english but i am from portugal.

So it begins:

small intro:
I always played with necro / death characters from my previous games (diablo2, warcraft3) and Guildwars no different. I played necro since november 04.

the build:
first of all not all the necro will like this build and/or way of playing. this consist in the following build:

atributes: 15+ Blood 13+ soul reaper

skills: blood only (for now i will not mencion the skills) Elite: offering of blood and Ressurect 1 ally

minimum team requisites:
you got to have 1 monk(2 if is a 8party), 1 war/mo(3 if 8party)

play style #1:
okay. cause i did'nt mention the rest of skills i will put only a small overview about the way of play.
1- you are in the first line. meaning you can call the targets. why? you will deal lots of dmg to your target and you want your team to assist so you can get a a fast kill. what about their monk(s)? there are hexes that can help dealing with that.

2- this build will feed you with almost infinite energy. the more you deal the more you gain in health. i am talkin about fast nuke spells + fast cast + 80 steal health. i got 300 health steal in about 5 segs. this can be useless. the trick is getting always fast skill recharge + gain mana fast. the next 5 - 10 segs i will deal more 300 health stolen from the target.

3- if you got multi enemies picking you as their target, you got 2 options. i usually pick 1 of them and i start my fast nuke attack. usually they run away. so i go after him or i choose other target. what about my health? i got to bet precise about my gain of health, meaning that there is always possibility you run out of mana or you are being hitted more than you gain health. in the worst situation you got to have a monk to assist you. and if the monk is dead? ok. here i'll jump for the number 4.

4- i choose to have a Rez with me cause i dont ever want my monk dead. this is almost my priority. if my monk is dead i will Rez him. after that i usually got 2 - 3 enemies hitting me. This is not bad. this means they want to finish their kill leaving my monk with full mana and health alone. i hope my monk help me here or i got to use my luck and my personal brain skills to assist.

Ok, this is my first overview in this build. I will certainly put other in this thread maybe.
This is not only a pick-up for 1 day build. This build got strong potential and probably will be banned by AN after they read this :happy53:

You can put specially your questions or sugestions about this build or similar build.

For the ones that want to be anti-necro, if you are going to post things like you can beat me easy with my build. I will not reply to that ones cause your wasting my time.

Obrigado, DARKNECRO (the real one)

Nefaru Firestorm
02-06-2005, 21:42

Sorry to do this, but you didn't really say anything other than that you had 15+ blood and 13+ Soul Reaping...and the Elite Skill Offering of Blood, as well as a ressurection signet.

That is not enough to define a "build". And builds (as of now) rarely get banned. I'm sure you have something that works...but posting random figures and a strategy of "run in first, drop nukes, drain health, etc" isn't really...eh, I'm lacking words for it now. And I don't see how dealing damage will give you somewhat infinite energy...death will give you energy, but not damage.

Sorry to be so critisizing, but saying "this build is great" without really saying why or how is kind of confusing.

de nada.

02-06-2005, 22:37
I think he's saying that with alot of life regen, you can use Offering of Blood more, to get more energy.

However, he's missing the fact that Offering of Blood has a 15 second recharge, and gives max about 20 energy. Which is only good for about 2-4 low energy spells. So, that's not really "unlimited energy".

Also he's missing the fact that most life drain spells are Hexes and can easily be broken, and that the max degen/regen is 10, or 20 hp per second. So his mythical "300 health steal in 5 seconds" is really only about 100 health steal over a period of 5 seconds, max.

Also, there's the fact that an elementalist can do more damage in a shorter time period than a blood necro, so if you're basing the target caller on who does the most damage, it should be an Elementalist, probably.

And finally, if you're a pure Necro, you should never have to bring a Res signet. You should always have one primary Monk and one Secondary monk, and their primary jobs should be to res each other if the other should die, so that there will ALWAYS be someone to Res. Tanks and damage-dealers should trust their healers, and should not have to have Res signets.

Don't get me wrong, I know that a pure Blood necro build can be a powerful thing, but it's silly to come in here making all these crazy claims, especially when Necros have a hard enough time being taken seriously.

02-06-2005, 23:50
Ok, i know its difficult to understand the Pure Necros.

I reply to correct some of this prev replies.

Offering of Blood gives me 20 energy. Soul Reaper gives me +13 for every creature that dies. This is my almost infinite mana :)

I am being serious about this build and i'm still testing it. I'm close of the perfection that i want. Being a Fast-Nuker.

The Elemental may have more Dmg in their spells but if you know what is steal HP you understant the diffence here. This build its to attack almost any build with the possible exception of the Mesmer (i will post a review about this later).

1 more Spell name i can give:
-I got demonic Flesh with me too. That gives me +200hp /min.

Sorry about the lack of Nuke Spells names but i'll enveil them later.
But if you know what a Necro Blood can be you may have an idea to complete the Spell Lists.

The Rez spell that i always take its sure an insurance. And most of the times i'm the 1 left to rez the monk. But this depends of their quantity nor skills.