View Full Version : Necrotic Traversal - The Necromancers Escape Artist

02-06-2005, 21:01
Greetings brothers and sisters of Grenth,

I have recently come to appreciate the true value of Necrotic Traversal in my battles,

as usual when fighting horde of brutish monsters we necromancers will come under attack while the warriors struggle to free the pathetic monk,

I say this, use your necrotic traversal, time it well with some life steals and you will take your enemy completely off guard and possibly posion them as well.

For your consideration.

Mistress Wintersong

02-06-2005, 22:23
Necrotic Traversal is a pretty fun spell, at least in PvE (haven't tried it in PvP yet). I use it for 3 purposes:

1) To get out of a crowd when I'm getting pounded on

2) To get into a crowd that needs a good dose of poisoning

3) To beat other necro mobs to the corpses, since they generally use Putrid Explosion, and Necrotic Traversal is 1/4 second faster, which can make a difference if you both cast at the same time.