View Full Version : Monk Armors: Censor vs Wanderer

02-06-2005, 22:15
As a monk, I have the best armor from Ascalon City (the Wanderer set).

I just got to Yak's bend and they offer Censor's set.

Which is better?

+5 energy
+5 AL vs Elemental

Energy Regen +1
+5 AL vs Elemental

+4 energy
+10 AL vs Physical

-1 Energy
Energy Regen +1
+10 AL vs Physical

Should I even bother with Censor's? Does the + vs Physical make a difference? Is the attacks in this area more Physical than elemental?

Or should I wait? Is there a newer better armor set coming soon in a future town?

Thanks for the advice in advance

02-06-2005, 23:45
When I bought armor there (and the next available place), I opted for Censor Vestments/Pants with tattoos for hands/feet... That helped with +Energy and the main two areas that damage is taken had +10 armor (to physical). I found that worked quite well for me...since I needed the energy to heal and the ability to take a few hits (I was usually able to avoid the majority of elemental damage by making the foes attack tanks/other allies).

I hope this helps...

BTW, I also used Dye Remover to remove the pink color on the Censor gear. I'd rather see bland brown tones than pink any day (personal opinion of course).

03-06-2005, 00:06
I bought censor's and then Judge chest and pants but now i'm starting to regret it a little. Air eles are so popular for tombs pvp and warriors and rangers much less so. In arenas however...gogo censor/judge :happy34: