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03-06-2005, 03:48
ok, i looked through a few pages here and didnt see a thread explicitly adressing this. when i bought gw i read through the book with the beta prerelease and saw the DOT me they described, this sounded like the character id like to play so since then ive been going about trying to make it. my classes are me/n (which seems to be a popular type) and ive been working towards a 12/12/8 in dom illusion and fast cast, respectively. i think im overlooking the necro skills, however. im just wondering everyones opinion of what attributes a DOT mesmer/necro should invest in? i was thinking of dropping dom and putting it into blood because of the health degen of life syphon and such. if you already have a DOT me, feel free to put up your build. i also want to use this character for gvg action when i finally ascend and get lvl 20 on it. thanks

Nobleman Azure
03-06-2005, 05:21
Looking for a DOT type, you chose the right combination of professions, however, domination does not belong here. Good DOTs are either elites in illusion, along with non elites such as phantom pain and Conjure Phantasm. If you Drop Domination, Blood Magic does give you good draining skills such as Life Transfer and Life Siphon

03-06-2005, 21:15
ok, but im also wondering, should i invest up to 8 into fast casting? or should i just split between illusion and blood for max damage/time? ive seen curves for fast casting and it doesnt really seem to pay off i dont think.

04-06-2005, 05:38
If you are going for an Degenerate build you should focus on Illusion, Blood Magic, and Curses.

Try to reach the 3 degenearation breakpoint with Phantom Pain and Faintheartedness. If you plan on useing Life Siphon reach atleast the 3 regen/degen breakpoint with Blood Magic as well.

I would reccomend finding the different levels you need ant then useing runes to reach the ones you need.

You dont have to have fast casting but a few ranks is allways nice.