View Full Version : Necro/Mesmer, suggestions?

Deathly Chaos
03-06-2005, 19:34
I am a level 9 necro mesmer and trying to figure out where I should go Attribute and Skill wise (build?). This is my first character and I've done a bit of PVP and PvE and I feel like I should be relying on death moreso than blood, but after getting my latest skills Im wondering if i should start working more curses too.

In PvP I can usually help destroy one character (in a 4 v 4) by doing Soul Barb, then life siphon then, then fainthart, then conjure illusion, and with around 20 dd each hex, plus the 7-8 in life drain and 7-10 weapon they go down quick (with a vampyre touch tossed in to smack off the final bit if needed)

In PvE I stick with my aoe destruction. Deathly swarm, putrid explosion, mark of pain, but its hard to balance the different attributes without making them all sorta weak. I keep death a little high for deathly swarm and putride, and that lets me chain summon bone horrors if i need to mow down a group of 10 (with my friends)

Any suggestions? I am a noob, so really this is just me messing around trying to figure stuff out. At level 9 Im still in my 7ac pre-sear quest items. Spent way too much money on kits, etc. And my only wep is a 7-10 dark energy, and 7 energy shield